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more books more books!

May 31, 2007

I have just literally drooled over Victorian lace today. I did hire out a gathering of lace from the library not so long back and its nice but not a patch on VLT. *wipes away spittle*

I already had this book at home. It was my first knitting book and very good it is too.

My new other books are:

and of course what I said earlier VLT:

I have the books now all I need is the needles ( have most of these via donation from family), the yarn ( yes yes I do have some stash but a gal always needs more), the time etc. Well at least I can spend endless hours drooling over patterns I may one day turn in to something special. At least I can look at the books in my break times at work without people looking at me as if I’m odd. I did try knitting at lunch in the office but I’m not sure it went down that well. I swear they all think I’m a tad loopy, I think I’m happy with that.


we will go to the wedding

May 31, 2007

Scotty’s brother is getting married soon. All the holiday is booked, my brother is “cat sitting” as he lives round the corner, and we have a hotel booked too.

Now I don’t get to go to many weddings, I thinks its because I’m an insular sort, I don’t let that many people very close to me. Although there are many I would call close friends and good colleagues and great Internet mates. These last two are the sorts where making a wedding list is going to get complicated. Where do the friendships start after chatting on line? I should know these answers as I am going to marry someone I met on the Internet. Also which colleagues to invite without offending others. Its all so confusing, although the other night I did ask again when are you going to marry me? Scotty replied “next year isn’t it? I’m sure we decided on that” which put me at ease. Now if only I had a magic wand to make it all organised.

oh and for Kingdom of Loathing fans I’m in ronin and have been since Monday. I have managed to get it so today I will blossom out of ronin like a swan. I managed to prepare really quite well, most camp ground equipment has been placed. Never ascend without a meat maid in your locker! I wonder if that sounds as mad to non Kol’ers as I think it does.


I’ve been waiting for some books

May 29, 2007

from amazon. Some of them came today. Lovely they are too. I will be mostly reading knitting books for the near future.

Arctic Lace


All linked back to Amazon. I did order two others. I’m still waiting for them. I’ll leave them as a surprise for later.


Erasmus is in puddy frenzy next to me. I will be doing the usual this evening. Kingdom of loathing followed by smoothie making, dinner making and eating. Then maybe some knitting. I just don’t have time to do everything I want to, especially when Erasmus keeps sitting on me. *gets squished*


never ever

May 28, 2007

go to tescos on a bank holiday monday morning having not eaten. I am £102 lighter of pocket, we have enough “munchies” and easy food for the whole week but it did take over 1.5 hours and its only 2 miles up the road. It was busy and rainy and confusing, but at least they have started stocking mushroom ketchup. If you’ve not tried it you must.

Went over my parents yesterday. Tom and Izzy my niece and nephew twins are now toddling about at 16 months old coming up with the cutest things, like going “poo” when putting a sock to their noses. Or saying “how do you do” and shaking your hand. It was a lovely cosy day yesterday. It is something quite special when our whole clan get together. Our close family is 12 strong now. My elder brother has the twins, my elder sister has two kids also Ewan and Bethan 10 and 8 respectively. It’s noisy fun and lively.

Mum and Dad gave me some more pots for the garden but I am waiting until it stops raining before I can go and use them. It has rained constantly for two days now. Some of the plants in the garden are suffering from being rain battered. Also we’ve nearly filled the bucket left out too.


lazy lazy day

May 26, 2007

and I’ve knit so much bayerische I’m almost cross eyed. Made another strange smoothie, took a couple of photos because one of the flowers have popped in the garden. I’ll upload later.

Erasmus has been super cute chasing a rubber toy around the house, he even fetches things from downstairs now, although he has a nasty penchant for knocking things off the arms of the chair. More room for his fat bum.

Anyhew I plan to relax in to the evening and go and see the clan tomorrow.

My friend dominocat has some very cute cats that meow for food, take a look see. 



May 25, 2007

Well I didn’t make it to the knitting group last night. I was waaay to tired. Instead of driving over to the forum and getting knitting I just sat there on the sofa instead, knitting.

The other yarn I ordered to match the bayerische sock does not match close enough for my liking. I love the new yarn but instead the bayerische are going to be changed in to mitts. I’ve started on the other end of the same ball to get the same amount of knitting done so I can then measure how big the mitts can be. It just gives me more stash now to do more things with. My aims this weekend are to knit like a daemon and make sure all my stash is up to date on ravelry.

Today I’ve got a cracking head ache, I hope it goes soon. I’ve got my new computer at work and I’m using it to fix someone else’s computer.

here have some photos to cheer you up:

tasty drinkage

Thats pineapple pear and melon smoothie


some of the plants in our garden. At the moment we have LOADS of herbs, some spring onions that have not popped up yet and 6 purple cauliflowers and 6 Romanesque cauliflowers. I need to pot the cauliflowers on but I’m a bit low on pots and space… I’ll keep you informed of progress.

One last thing, a big WHOOOHOO! because its a bank holiday here in the UK, which means a 3 day weekend. And relax *melts*


Erasmus wants to play with you.

May 24, 2007

I’ll count to 10 if you go hide. *covers eyes*

I'll count to 10 you go hide

He’s great at hide and seek, he does come find you 🙂

In other news its knitting group tonight (Thursday nights) 7pm onwards at the coffee shop in the Forum Norwich. Grab a pew, buy a drink and knit. Last week we sat under the spiral staircase and everyone commented as they walked down the stairs. Its very informal and quite relaxing.

I’ve put full detail in because I’ve not seen the group listed on the web and I know if this goes through google at some point people will now find the group. hoorrah knitters will take over Norwich! beware the flying dpn’s.


My brother has found a new house!

May 23, 2007

and its mighty fine
So we went over his last night to celeibriate. Thats my word that is for celebrating and getting inebriated at the same time. IF all goes to plan they should be in the new place before the end of the summer. They cant wait to build a tree house and or hanging walkway in their new woods. WOODS? although its not a country estate is flipping HUGE compared to my little place. Still well done to them they deserve it, they’ve worked hard and the twins will love the new place.

Today is the morning after the night before, chinese and red wine are mighty tasty but today I need sunglasses indoors. Oh and this morning my yarn for my second bayerische sock turned up. I now have enough to knit big socks


I’ve just found where all our old computers go…

May 22, 2007

I work for a large company, they lease computers for us to use and then return them back to be refurbished and sold on.

Shock of all shocks they sell them on ebay. Not that I want one mind. I know what they’ve been through.

I’m still toying with getting a mac to replace my home laptop. Something small because my old Compaq laptop at home is a huge wide screen beast which sounds like it needs a good hoover out because the fan is a bit blocked. Also the wireless card broke the other day. Dragging cables around the lounge is no fun. It is over 2 years old and struggling with any games. It used to play guild wars fine. I don’t play guild wars any more but I do play kingdom of loathing which is highly addictive. Just think how silly a text adventure can be and make it all point and click and you have the idea.

I know its not green to throw out and buy new, but there is still that I WANT A NEW TOY aspect to it all.  Saying that though I’ve got a list of new toys I want, as always! I’m even trying to think of items that we need to put on a wedding list. That is if I ever get around to arranging my own wedding. People that know me may think it will never happen. I’m still not sure until I can get someone to organize the whole thing for me for free. Not that I want the moon on a stick or anything.


I’ve been taking on a knitting challenge

May 21, 2007

Bayerische Socks


by the lovely Eunny Jang. An amazingly talented woman.

But am I using yarn that is too complicated, would they look better as mitts rather than socks? I’ll just keep knitting and hope I make my mind up.

This is slow progress. Many of the stitches are cables and most are alternated between purl and knit to back of loop. The only time I can knit this is in full day light. So its definitely a long term project. Thisis why I wonder if it will be better as mitts, easier to complete and would look great with a matching hat….