I’ve just found where all our old computers go…

May 22, 2007

I work for a large company, they lease computers for us to use and then return them back to be refurbished and sold on.

Shock of all shocks they sell them on ebay. Not that I want one mind. I know what they’ve been through.

I’m still toying with getting a mac to replace my home laptop. Something small because my old Compaq laptop at home is a huge wide screen beast which sounds like it needs a good hoover out because the fan is a bit blocked. Also the wireless card broke the other day. Dragging cables around the lounge is no fun. It is over 2 years old and struggling with any games. It used to play guild wars fine. I don’t play guild wars any more but I do play kingdom of loathing which is highly addictive. Just think how silly a text adventure can be and make it all point and click and you have the idea.

I know its not green to throw out and buy new, but there is still that I WANT A NEW TOY aspect to it all.  Saying that though I’ve got a list of new toys I want, as always! I’m even trying to think of items that we need to put on a wedding list. That is if I ever get around to arranging my own wedding. People that know me may think it will never happen. I’m still not sure until I can get someone to organize the whole thing for me for free. Not that I want the moon on a stick or anything.


  1. Where I work (as a janitor) I find old computers, parts of them at least, in the trash.
    I did get a pair of largish speakers out of the dumpster.
    the garbage people!

  2. If you do upgrade the laptop, give me a call… I know someone who’s been thinking about buying a laptop, but since they’ll only really use it for emails and monitoring their eBay stuff, they don’t want to pay £400 or more for a super games-playing windows vista gibber gibber gibber brand-new one. They’ve been looking on eBay but of course you don’t know the (can’t think of the right word… history? usage? how many times they’ve been dunked in coffee?) of the ones for sale there.

  3. My PC deffo needs a good clean inside, the fan is chugging but that is at least fixable with a bit of maintainace. The only thing is I cannot be bothered to do it. So yeah I’ll have a good think this weekend and see what happens and I’ll let you know as soon as I want to part with the old beastie. I can tell you my home one has never ever been had anything spilled on it and I’ve always tried to keep it nice.

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