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May 28, 2007

go to tescos on a bank holiday monday morning having not eaten. I am £102 lighter of pocket, we have enough “munchies” and easy food for the whole week but it did take over 1.5 hours and its only 2 miles up the road. It was busy and rainy and confusing, but at least they have started stocking mushroom ketchup. If you’ve not tried it you must.

Went over my parents yesterday. Tom and Izzy my niece and nephew twins are now toddling about at 16 months old coming up with the cutest things, like going “poo” when putting a sock to their noses. Or saying “how do you do” and shaking your hand. It was a lovely cosy day yesterday. It is something quite special when our whole clan get together. Our close family is 12 strong now. My elder brother has the twins, my elder sister has two kids also Ewan and Bethan 10 and 8 respectively. It’s noisy fun and lively.

Mum and Dad gave me some more pots for the garden but I am waiting until it stops raining before I can go and use them. It has rained constantly for two days now. Some of the plants in the garden are suffering from being rain battered. Also we’ve nearly filled the bucket left out too.