more books more books!

May 31, 2007

I have just literally drooled over Victorian lace today. I did hire out a gathering of lace from the library not so long back and its nice but not a patch on VLT. *wipes away spittle*

I already had this book at home. It was my first knitting book and very good it is too.

My new other books are:

and of course what I said earlier VLT:

I have the books now all I need is the needles ( have most of these via donation from family), the yarn ( yes yes I do have some stash but a gal always needs more), the time etc. Well at least I can spend endless hours drooling over patterns I may one day turn in to something special. At least I can look at the books in my break times at work without people looking at me as if I’m odd. I did try knitting at lunch in the office but I’m not sure it went down that well. I swear they all think I’m a tad loopy, I think I’m happy with that.

One comment

  1. I love Victorian Lace Today & knit my first real lace from it, there are a few scarves in there that only use a single ball of lace weight, the charts are clear, instructions easy to understand, get knitting.

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