we will go to the wedding

May 31, 2007

Scotty’s brother is getting married soon. All the holiday is booked, my brother is “cat sitting” as he lives round the corner, and we have a hotel booked too.

Now I don’t get to go to many weddings, I thinks its because I’m an insular sort, I don’t let that many people very close to me. Although there are many I would call close friends and good colleagues and great Internet mates. These last two are the sorts where making a wedding list is going to get complicated. Where do the friendships start after chatting on line? I should know these answers as I am going to marry someone I met on the Internet. Also which colleagues to invite without offending others. Its all so confusing, although the other night I did ask again when are you going to marry me? Scotty replied “next year isn’t it? I’m sure we decided on that” which put me at ease. Now if only I had a magic wand to make it all organised.

oh and for Kingdom of Loathing fans I’m in ronin and have been since Monday. I have managed to get it so today I will blossom out of ronin like a swan. I managed to prepare really quite well, most camp ground equipment has been placed. Never ascend without a meat maid in your locker! I wonder if that sounds as mad to non Kol’ers as I think it does.

One comment

  1. If it’s next year, I’d better get my arse over to you for some girlietime plottage 😉

    The rule of thumb I would use for invites is: how many of these people have I seen socially? Cos really, your wedding isn’t a work’s do, and while you’re obviously friendly with your colleagues and they’re probably really nice people, I’m guessing there’s only one or two – if that – who you have much in common with and spend time with outside work or even during a lunchbreak. Perhaps a halfway point would be inviting everyone from work out for a celebratory drink a week before the wedding.

    You is grownupped now and so you don’t have to invite the whole class to your party just to feel popular and so they’ll invite you to theirs.

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