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My brother has found a new house!

May 23, 2007

and its mighty fine
So we went over his last night to celeibriate. Thats my word that is for celebrating and getting inebriated at the same time. IF all goes to plan they should be in the new place before the end of the summer. They cant wait to build a tree house and or hanging walkway in their new woods. WOODS? although its not a country estate is flipping HUGE compared to my little place. Still well done to them they deserve it, they’ve worked hard and the twins will love the new place.

Today is the morning after the night before, chinese and red wine are mighty tasty but today I need sunglasses indoors. Oh and this morning my yarn for my second bayerische sock turned up. I now have enough to knit big socks


I’ve just found where all our old computers go…

May 22, 2007

I work for a large company, they lease computers for us to use and then return them back to be refurbished and sold on.

Shock of all shocks they sell them on ebay. Not that I want one mind. I know what they’ve been through.

I’m still toying with getting a mac to replace my home laptop. Something small because my old Compaq laptop at home is a huge wide screen beast which sounds like it needs a good hoover out because the fan is a bit blocked. Also the wireless card broke the other day. Dragging cables around the lounge is no fun. It is over 2 years old and struggling with any games. It used to play guild wars fine. I don’t play guild wars any more but I do play kingdom of loathing which is highly addictive. Just think how silly a text adventure can be and make it all point and click and you have the idea.

I know its not green to throw out and buy new, but there is still that I WANT A NEW TOY aspect to it all.  Saying that though I’ve got a list of new toys I want, as always! I’m even trying to think of items that we need to put on a wedding list. That is if I ever get around to arranging my own wedding. People that know me may think it will never happen. I’m still not sure until I can get someone to organize the whole thing for me for free. Not that I want the moon on a stick or anything.


I’ve been taking on a knitting challenge

May 21, 2007

Bayerische Socks


by the lovely Eunny Jang. An amazingly talented woman.

But am I using yarn that is too complicated, would they look better as mitts rather than socks? I’ll just keep knitting and hope I make my mind up.

This is slow progress. Many of the stitches are cables and most are alternated between purl and knit to back of loop. The only time I can knit this is in full day light. So its definitely a long term project. Thisis why I wonder if it will be better as mitts, easier to complete and would look great with a matching hat….


mmmmm mint tea

May 21, 2007

fresh from my garden.

shame I’ve not cleaned the tea pot properly.

mint tea


In which I try to make a blog..

May 21, 2007


I’m Jiva, 29 going on 19 or 99 depending on how you look at it. I have a love for home, my man, my family, my cat, knitting and general peace and quiet.

So enough about me… how about you?