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hen night was fab

June 30, 2007

Photos are up here:

I went to Cambridge on Friday for work. Was very busy and met a friend for lunch, went to the pub and sat in the garden. Whilst D was getting drinks half way through food the heavens opened and I had to abandon the food and dash indoors. Most exciting.

The Hen night comedy club went on till nearly 11.30 which is late for me on a school night. There were 3 comedians and one compare. Loads of swearing but some quite funny content, I wouldn’t take my parents but I would go again. Then getting up early next morning to drive to Cambridge done tuckered me right out. Even to the point that I was reading my google reader local news feeds and thought I saw this: harry hill being made in to a statue in Norwich. Of course its not… but I think we now need one.

Also found this Holy cow web cam via the bbc news

knitting today and done some shopping, nothing too exciting 🙂


woohoo! hopefully

June 28, 2007

if all goes well with the rest of today I should be out wearing red at the local comedy club tonight. Its a hen night for one of the girls in our office.

WATCH OUT NARIDGE we’re coming to get yah.




June 27, 2007

rwahrwr maow ma a a a rowmr eeaaarrrh h h h

This best describes Erasmus’s meows.

He’s been following me around this evening. Tried to get in the wardrobe and I would not let him. Instead he got in the kitchen cupboard. I forgot he was in there, 3 minutes later lots of noise. He’s trying to mount the bookshelf at present.

I’m on planet indecisive at the moment. I can’t decide on anything, what to have for dinner, what to do next in knitting, what to…. I don’t know. I think the word lackluster covers it. I need some inspiration for our wedding… If I could have exactly what I wanted it would be a large party in a field. Although I’m worried I’d be disappointed with that too. *sigh*

anyone want to book it all for me, I’m still not happy about arranging any of it. Believe me I want to be married, I love my man like none other on this planet. I just don’t want to make any choices about event, time, place. If someone placed me there on the day having had everything done and arranged without me knowing about it I’d be much happier. I’ve not got anything solid to start on. Almost no ideas at all, those I do have are full of doubt.


quantum sockmathics, you bastard would be proud*

June 26, 2007

I promised knitting updates, it may be a little tardy but here it is:

1, Pacific silk scarf

This border and the main pattern are individual items from Victorian Lace Today. A stunning book. I’ve knitted up the scarf on 5.5cm needles, addi turbos are quite fantastic. Its a size or two larger than the pattern requests but as its silk it would not have any stretch unless I went up a size.

My aim for this is to try and block it after completing and mount on a plain double thick silk cloth, something that will complement it, or at least not detract from the pattern. Also having it sewn on to fabric will make sure the pattern holds out. I think the border would be best hanging loose at the bottom of the fabric. we’ll see. My talents at sewing are quite minimal so it may be all a practice in frustration rather than achievement.

Over all I’m quite happy with it, it won’t be ripped out. I just have to keep Erasmus away from that wooden needle. He’s desperate to chew on it. which would be followed by an epic NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! of star-wars Darth Vader proportions.

Now on to Bayerische… I’m happy with these. they look great, the knitting gets easier on them, although I’m still not quite sure what to do, socks or mits, socks or mits, mocks or sh…. maybe not.

As you can see here there is quite a lot of wool left. I must admit I’m not that far on. I’m hedging my bets and I do have another slightly lighter ball in waiting ready to transfer on to. At least with all the changes in colour it may not make any difference with a new lighter ball. As you can see here the roving is more white on right one and more pink on the left. I’ve given up thinking this is an issue. This is what using variegated colours is about.

I hear you’re starting to ask the question though, what is quantum sockmathics and why do you mention it?

well I think its best I write down what I want to do, and why not here rather than anywhere else. I’m doing the maths right here and now, so here’s hoping its followable and useful to others.

I’m using 2mm dpn’s for the whatevers.

one needle weighs: *gets out digi scales* 1.6g, that means per sock 3 needles are: 4.8g

Sock 1, the bigger of the two weighs: 17.2g

sock 2, the smaller weighs: 15.4g (exactly 2 repeats of pattern)

Now remove the 4.8g (3 needles) from each sock: 12.4g and 10.6g respectively

Weight of the remaining ball of yarn is……. wait for it 64.2g

Add all the yarny bits together. 87.2g.

The ball is 400 yards each item should be 200 yards and 43.6g

to figure out what percentage of each sock I have completed…

(12.4 x 100) /43.6 = 28.4% complete on sock 1. That also means I’ve only knitted just around 56.8 YARDS of yarn on the larger of the two socks.

To be honest, its not worth working out the other sock.

This leads me to believe that I should be able to get both socks done on the same ball of wool. I have just compared the sock 1 to my foot and it almost completes 1/3. I’ts going to be a tight squeeze but maybe I’ll just keep knitting and see what happens. I am dreading the point of turning a heel, which I have very little experience of, and finding I cant squeeze it on my foot. If this happens expect swearing shouting ripping and a pair of small wrist warmers.

* reference to all those terry pratchet readers out there.


To knit and relax

June 24, 2007

Today is a good day. simple good gentle no hassle fun. Yesterday was the same. On Friday I had a tough day, I also walked in to a turning car on the way home from work. I didn’t see it coming, no damage done apart from one small bruise on my hand.

The weekend has been spent knitting, cooking, some cleaning and not even leaving the house. Yeah I’ve been in the back garden but I deffo needed some me time to get my head straight. Outlook now is cheery and ready to cope with the next week aiming at me.

Have some pictures of our garden, small sweet and just enough to keep on top of, when its not been raining. Erasmus seems happy with it too.

I’ll try and give you a full knitting update tomorrow.


it says tales of a fluffy cat up thar…

June 22, 2007

and I can see I’ve not been that productive in introducing you all to the lovey Erasmus.

well someone else has done most of the work for me, lovely as they are. Erasmus has a full feature article in this months AristoChat That’s a PDF link to the whole news letter.

So let us all be standing for the mighty, the cool, the imitable and down right fluffy rassums.

Have a direct link to his flickr set just to show you quite how fluffy he is


spam mail

June 20, 2007

I get a lot of it, Oracle, Learning Tree, Dell, SCC Exchange etc. Almost all of them think I can buy stuff, go on courses or conferences and generally swan about spending money. They call me IT director, IT decision maker, IT manager etc. I’m none of those things. I fix computers, I take calls, I sit at a desk and type quite a bit. That’s about it. Yes there is more to my job but I am mighty happy its not that high up the old decision making tree that I’m unlikely to fall out and bang my noggin.

I like where I am, I like the fact that yeah I may do a bit of overtime here and there but once I walk out of the office door I can leave my job there. I am on call occasionally but that does not mean it has to be at the forefront of my mind. It just means don’t drink booze while on call and keep your phone on. I’ll deal with the issues as they arise, not worry about them before they happen.

Having a colleague die in extreme strange circumstances and have my mum tell me that her cancer is probably only going to be in remission for 2 years before having to have chemotherapy again have made me think about what I want from life. Also mentioning that the cancer is most likely to be hereditary has also not helped. I would like to give up work and try and be a more creative housefrau. Although I forget what a job allows me when I think this. Yeah it may be a daily grind, and the occasional bitching, but what office does not have that? I’d be bored at home, I’ve got great work colleagues, always respectful and relaxed and understanding. Yup even accountants can be really nice 😉 That’s a dig for all my colleagues who’ve found my blog. So sitting at a desk for 7 ish hours a day is not thrilling but its safe, sustainable, keeps my mind busy and I need the money!

Oh and that silk scarf I was trying to attempt before the wedding only got 4 out of around 30 repeats in before we went away. I’ve done a bit more and I will complete it, then once done I hope to back it with some silk fabric and sew it on to hold its shape and form. I know I know I should take some photos to explain it better. I promise I will do soon. Poor flickr has been ignored recently.


things what I saw

June 19, 2007

whilst driving/traveling to and from southampton and around and about I saw lots of strange things

badgers, yes my first ever real live badgers. They were at the golf club late at night. I asked for our lift to go back so we could see them again and we could not. They were one adult and two kids snuffling about.

a Deer, a whole big one, right infront of the car. Same place further down the road than the badgers. We had to stop to let it past.

cows, pigs, sheeps, the usual road side fauna in fields.

a convoy of vespas but not that many, near thetford.

a convoy of VW camper vans. about 10 of them with several original split screen jobbies. They were lovely.
Police hard shoulder escort near heathrow. several police bikes, two police cars and a funky mercedes with flashing blue lights underneath the normal headlights. Must have been someone important.

LOADS of rain, spray & wetness. More rain than you can splash out of a swimming pool.

oh and why are my caulis in the back garden not flowering? they are growing big but just leaves at the moment.


my depest condolences

June 18, 2007

go to the family and friends of a man I worked with. This has just come in on my news feed from the local EDP.

Norwich couple killed in plane crash

I’m gob smacked, going back to work tomorrow after a weeks holiday will be a sombre event. I even spoke to him the last day we were both there.

I even feel odd saying something about it, he was a wonderful chap…


personal space

June 18, 2007

Although I’m completely recovered now tiredness and long journeys make me cranky. On Saturday on the way back we stopped off for the second time at Stanstead service area. I dislike them at the best of times, full of aimless people bumbling around too busy looking at the wall to move across two inches so that you can walk past.

By now I bet you can picture the scene, tired, hungry, nursing a lurking hangover and minimal sleep from a hotel bed for two days I needed hot food so burger king it was. I stood in the queue waiting and a large man with his two daughters stood behind me. Now I’m not the sort to go off the rails, I move side ways, round or stick my elbows out to create a smidgen of personal space. I tried all these normal tactics to create at least 6 inches between me and those near me. I like my personal space. I know if I have that space nobody is picking my pockets or trying to sniff me. This guy with his girls, was over 6 foot 4 and had a huge gut. He poked it out, came up as close behind me as he could and shouted at his kids about chewing gum NOT BUBBLE GUM. etc… when he brushed me for around the 5th time even though I had avoided him as much as possible I flipped. Luckily at this point Scott was the other end of the services getting water. I span round and splurged out a fast sharp rant of “will you please give me just a little bit of personal space” My arms flew about and he backed off. The queue moved and I got well out of his way. I wanted to scream, punch, slap and say something like “what you F*ing trying to publicly rape me in front of your kids? can you be any more disgustingly slimy rude obnoxious putrid and creepy? I can feel your voice via you touching me let alone hear the booming sh*te coming from your offensive down right ugly cake hole”

Yet I don’t. I never do, I calm down, move on and have strange nightmares about being oppressed. Today I went around tescos to get the shopping and it was a mere breeze in comparison to the service station. Not just because I’m less tired and generally not stressed from driving. I am amazed at how uptight and what I really wanted to say wanted to be so offensive. I really do think there are some completely insensitive creeps out there who can offend anybodies sensibilities just by breathing. He may be nice but for that moment he was everything I wanted to hate in the world. A very odd moment and one I hope not to repeat. I think it helps that I usually spend most of my life in a nice routine of safeness knowing whom and when I interact with people. I may be more controlled than I look, its for my safety and maybe even yours 😉

oh and my car now reads 010101 on the miles traveled. Binarytastic.