What a lovely day. So very hot and sunny.

June 2, 2007

Woke early but took it easy getting up, completed all the weekend ablutions like taking a mower to my legs. Then we went in to town to have lunch and get Scotty some clothes for smart. He now has a brown shirt and brown chino style trousers. I’m going to call him catalog man when he wares it because he will look super smart and sexy.

We went to the Belgian Monk for lunch and they do fabulous fish dishes and the best cherry beer on tap. Amazingly I have no hang over from last night and the hair of the dog seems to have worked. I’m not normally a drinker but if you gave me a crate of that cherry beer I doubt it would last a week.

Then we headed home and I’ve just spent over an hour re-potting in the garden. All the plants look happy for the extra root space.

Here’s a worm in our wormery:

and our first big flower in the garden

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