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facebook, my space etc….

June 5, 2007

What qualifies as spending too much time on-line and what also qualifies as too much of a net presence?

well I’m all for the “net” and using it to the best of my abilities. I find it an invaluable tool to keep in touch. I did loose touch some time back with many friends and I intend to do something about it. So a while back thinking my-space would help, it didn’t. I now use my my-space page to host erasmus’s web presence. Who’d of thought a cat needs a web page. One day I may even sign him up to catster.

Yesterday I signed up to face-book and within 30 minutes I’ve got 10 contacts, by the end of day I’ve got 20. half work, half old net friends from way back. I was wary that it could be a reason to run away and hide again but not this time. I’m amazed at how well interlinked it is for finding people. So here’s a cheer to finding old friends, making new friends and keeping in contact with those who give you their friendship.

Oh and one last thing, the buzz at the moment is about the 2012 Olympic logo, I’m yet to see anyone who likes it. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Plus you tube have got a video of the alternatives that were sent in. One has been removed from the BBC site due to it being reference to offensive material. If you’ve spent too much time on the web I bet you can identify it in this clip.