confidentiality at work..

June 7, 2007

Yesterday I was trying to fix something for a colleague. A PowerPoint document, something a bit squiffy with the fonts. Although on first look I could not find the problem. Like most IT staff, I don’t read documents as I try and fix them, there is no need and its information that is basically not assimilated.

After a moment I noticed the name of the company. It was the company that my man Scotty works for. This left me in a slightly awkward position. As I am a contractor to a large auditing firm who consult on business as well as audit. I could not fix the file, it would leave me open to seeing information that would mean I have to keep secrets from Scott. Anyway the file was ok, it was fixed by a colleague and now that I know people in my office are providing services to the company Scott works for, I will be able to aviod infomation on that company so as not to place myself in a privacy and confidentiality situation. I’ve signed the forms before, I know the rules, it was just rather a shock to be in the position where I was not allowed to do my job.

The team members involved were also very good about it and fully understanding about my position in this. Just shows even just being a support bod, you can be placed in the most difficult of positions when dealing with other peoples data. I am always cautious and try my very best to make sure they have suitable support for their needs. Hopefully this is the most detailed I will ever have to get with blogging items about work. Again something all bloggers should be wary of.


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