I’ve been published!

June 7, 2007

well sort of.. not exactly published as such but I do host some photos at SXC and on flickr too (link bottom right of this page). These have been picked up by several people and they have requested use of my photos on their sites and or documents. I of course say yes and the only thing I ask for is my name on or near the photo to say either where it came from or the fact the image is by me. Its a standard thing that most people ask as part of copy wright.

I was going back through the items I have had used and I thought it might be nice to try and gather them all on this blog, so here goes, a list of items of where you can find my images that have been used. (that I know of, if you know of any please send me a note)
1, Aloe Vera originally placed on SXC here has been used by makeupmoxie.com

2, Erasmus stretching was placed on SXC here and has been used by healthy critters

3, An old friend from b3ta and 4rthur days (one day I may explain it all) runs a news letter on cats for the ArisoCat rescue charity. Erasmus featured in the March news letter and may appear in future mewsletters. (arf). Pictures are taken from my flickr account on these. Click here for low quality PDF and here for high quality pdf.

4, a german brochure. I wish I knew more but I do not speak german. I think its something about family and kids. The PDF can be found here. They have used This image in two parts stored on SXC.

5, www.countryreports.org requested use of some photos but have not given any more details. their site is subscription based so if anyone out there has a subscription and do not allow picture copying from their site. They used 5 UK and 2 Spain photos.

6, The science meusem of minisota requested use of my worm photo from flickr. They placed it up here in a great article about rain and worms.

7, The last one I found was for Morston Hall. I’ve never been, although it is somewhere close to where we live that I would just love to go for an 8 course meal. The only issue is so far they have not creddited me for the photo of blickling hall found here. I sent them a message today about this requesting they credit me or take it down. I do love having my stuff published, but what is the point if you cant show that its yours?


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