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well the weekend

June 12, 2007

floated by and now I cant even remember what we did. Oh we bought some more worms for our wormery and I bought some Kaulund Enchante 100% silk. I wanted to see if I could run off a quick silk lace scarf before the weekend but it’s not to be. I’ll blog it at some point.

I’ve got the whole week off so yesterday was spent with my old mate Ian. We chatted lots and realized that we’ve been friends for 9 years! I do like getting back in touch with old friends. We had a quick route around tescos for the weekly shop and then home to play on the wii. I think we played too much because today Ian hurts 🙂 I told him to mind his bowling technique.

Today I gathered some of the finishing touches to my outfit for this wedding we’re doing soon. I’m not saying when because anyone can read this and many know where I live. 😉 nothing like being cautious. Anyhew,  I got some false nails and makeup. WHAT? me? wearing makeup? I don’t think I remember how to apply it. I tried the false nails this evening. I’m not too good at it. Now my arms ache from loads of knitting and driving Ian home last night. I’ve got a big drive to Sotton (sarfampton to the innocent) soon so I’d best take a rest for now.

Erasmus has taken to sleeping in between  our arses on the bed at night. His arse faces up and we back in to him. It’s like arse central in the middle of our bed. Most cosy.