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June 13, 2007

a wonderful afternoon with the twins. They are such bundles of fun, great to play with and always in to something. I met Mum and Dad at my brothers house and mum trimmed my hair. It needed it.

I’ve not mentioned this yet here, there has not been a place for it but my mum is going through chemotherapy for cancer. She’s had a wonderful life but it appears to be hereditary and although she had a mastectomy 2 years ago ish, the cancer came back and she has a few more treatments left. Mum copes so well but we had to have a good chat about things. The latest news is that it will come back even after this treatment. Her quality of life now is fair to good, although the doctor has said she should expect only 2 years of remission before it all has to happen again. Because of this she did say today, if you are going to get around to getting married please do it sooner rather than later so that she can enjoy it properly. I agree, I need to get things sorted, sooner rather than later. The dawning that every lifetime is finite is something I’ve avoided for many many years having nobody that close to me die since I was 6 years old, they were my grandads, both of them within 6 months of each other. I still remember it. I was sensible about it then amazingly, mum reminded me that I had wise words for her then, saying that her father was in a better place, and not suffering. Goodness knows how I had such a sensible head at such a young age. I’ve always been the sort to be more level headed about life and knowing its an experience that will end. Although this will still not stop me maybe having a small part of my heart break for my mum because she does not deserve this. At least she can fight for her life and have a good time remaining no matter how long or short it is.

SO Please everyone now, think of someone you love, everyone has someone, and make sure they know it. Don’t leave it life is worth taking by the scruff and enjoying to the full.