stunning wedding

June 17, 2007

So Scotty and I went down to Southampton on Thursday, the journey was long rainy and a bit stop and start but we made it there fine. Popped in to see his parents and went back to the hotel. Took it easy the next morning and slowly got ready.

The whole event was delightful, classy and gentle, we went to Scott’s parents house to start with and I made a cuppa for his mum, the groom (his brother) and the best man, introduced to me as Fooksey. I straightened ties and pinned on flowers. Then off to the church. Amazingly the groom was entirely composed and not even a bead of sweat crossed his brow. Bret and Clare were married with their daughter Freya clinging to their legs, so very cute. Scotty has put some pictures up:

Click on image to go to photo set on flickr.

After the simple classy service the weather broke and some blue sky and sun turned up just in time for photos outside the church. We sloped off back to the hotel to get a cab to the reception at the golf club. The room for the reception was lovely, light and simple wooden beamed room. The food was fabulous, as was the atmosphere, quite a few small children kept the atmosphere lively and fun and relaxed. I met some more of Scott’s family which was great. As most weddings should be, fun was had by all. I like many consumed way too much booze and had trouble trying to sleep it off.

Saturday morning was spent mostly asleep with a brief visit to the free breakfast to make sure I was sober enough to drive. The Journey back to Norwich was 5 hours with more rain. Overall a wonderful break and great to see folks. Spent the rest of Saturday recovering from driving.


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  1. aww, looks like it was a lovely day.

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