things what I saw

June 19, 2007

whilst driving/traveling to and from southampton and around and about I saw lots of strange things

badgers, yes my first ever real live badgers. They were at the golf club late at night. I asked for our lift to go back so we could see them again and we could not. They were one adult and two kids snuffling about.

a Deer, a whole big one, right infront of the car. Same place further down the road than the badgers. We had to stop to let it past.

cows, pigs, sheeps, the usual road side fauna in fields.

a convoy of vespas but not that many, near thetford.

a convoy of VW camper vans. about 10 of them with several original split screen jobbies. They were lovely.
Police hard shoulder escort near heathrow. several police bikes, two police cars and a funky mercedes with flashing blue lights underneath the normal headlights. Must have been someone important.

LOADS of rain, spray & wetness. More rain than you can splash out of a swimming pool.

oh and why are my caulis in the back garden not flowering? they are growing big but just leaves at the moment.

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