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June 20, 2007

I get a lot of it, Oracle, Learning Tree, Dell, SCC Exchange etc. Almost all of them think I can buy stuff, go on courses or conferences and generally swan about spending money. They call me IT director, IT decision maker, IT manager etc. I’m none of those things. I fix computers, I take calls, I sit at a desk and type quite a bit. That’s about it. Yes there is more to my job but I am mighty happy its not that high up the old decision making tree that I’m unlikely to fall out and bang my noggin.

I like where I am, I like the fact that yeah I may do a bit of overtime here and there but once I walk out of the office door I can leave my job there. I am on call occasionally but that does not mean it has to be at the forefront of my mind. It just means don’t drink booze while on call and keep your phone on. I’ll deal with the issues as they arise, not worry about them before they happen.

Having a colleague die in extreme strange circumstances and have my mum tell me that her cancer is probably only going to be in remission for 2 years before having to have chemotherapy again have made me think about what I want from life. Also mentioning that the cancer is most likely to be hereditary has also not helped. I would like to give up work and try and be a more creative housefrau. Although I forget what a job allows me when I think this. Yeah it may be a daily grind, and the occasional bitching, but what office does not have that? I’d be bored at home, I’ve got great work colleagues, always respectful and relaxed and understanding. Yup even accountants can be really nice 😉 That’s a dig for all my colleagues who’ve found my blog. So sitting at a desk for 7 ish hours a day is not thrilling but its safe, sustainable, keeps my mind busy and I need the money!

Oh and that silk scarf I was trying to attempt before the wedding only got 4 out of around 30 repeats in before we went away. I’ve done a bit more and I will complete it, then once done I hope to back it with some silk fabric and sew it on to hold its shape and form. I know I know I should take some photos to explain it better. I promise I will do soon. Poor flickr has been ignored recently.