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hen night was fab

June 30, 2007

Photos are up here:

I went to Cambridge on Friday for work. Was very busy and met a friend for lunch, went to the pub and sat in the garden. Whilst D was getting drinks half way through food the heavens opened and I had to abandon the food and dash indoors. Most exciting.

The Hen night comedy club went on till nearly 11.30 which is late for me on a school night. There were 3 comedians and one compare. Loads of swearing but some quite funny content, I wouldn’t take my parents but I would go again. Then getting up early next morning to drive to Cambridge done tuckered me right out. Even to the point that I was reading my google reader local news feeds and thought I saw this: harry hill being made in to a statue in Norwich. Of course its not… but I think we now need one.

Also found this Holy cow web cam via the bbc news

knitting today and done some shopping, nothing too exciting 🙂