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things what I saw

June 19, 2007

whilst driving/traveling to and from southampton and around and about I saw lots of strange things

badgers, yes my first ever real live badgers. They were at the golf club late at night. I asked for our lift to go back so we could see them again and we could not. They were one adult and two kids snuffling about.

a Deer, a whole big one, right infront of the car. Same place further down the road than the badgers. We had to stop to let it past.

cows, pigs, sheeps, the usual road side fauna in fields.

a convoy of vespas but not that many, near thetford.

a convoy of VW camper vans. about 10 of them with several original split screen jobbies. They were lovely.
Police hard shoulder escort near heathrow. several police bikes, two police cars and a funky mercedes with flashing blue lights underneath the normal headlights. Must have been someone important.

LOADS of rain, spray & wetness. More rain than you can splash out of a swimming pool.

oh and why are my caulis in the back garden not flowering? they are growing big but just leaves at the moment.


my depest condolences

June 18, 2007

go to the family and friends of a man I worked with. This has just come in on my news feed from the local EDP.

Norwich couple killed in plane crash

I’m gob smacked, going back to work tomorrow after a weeks holiday will be a sombre event. I even spoke to him the last day we were both there.

I even feel odd saying something about it, he was a wonderful chap…


personal space

June 18, 2007

Although I’m completely recovered now tiredness and long journeys make me cranky. On Saturday on the way back we stopped off for the second time at Stanstead service area. I dislike them at the best of times, full of aimless people bumbling around too busy looking at the wall to move across two inches so that you can walk past.

By now I bet you can picture the scene, tired, hungry, nursing a lurking hangover and minimal sleep from a hotel bed for two days I needed hot food so burger king it was. I stood in the queue waiting and a large man with his two daughters stood behind me. Now I’m not the sort to go off the rails, I move side ways, round or stick my elbows out to create a smidgen of personal space. I tried all these normal tactics to create at least 6 inches between me and those near me. I like my personal space. I know if I have that space nobody is picking my pockets or trying to sniff me. This guy with his girls, was over 6 foot 4 and had a huge gut. He poked it out, came up as close behind me as he could and shouted at his kids about chewing gum NOT BUBBLE GUM. etc… when he brushed me for around the 5th time even though I had avoided him as much as possible I flipped. Luckily at this point Scott was the other end of the services getting water. I span round and splurged out a fast sharp rant of “will you please give me just a little bit of personal space” My arms flew about and he backed off. The queue moved and I got well out of his way. I wanted to scream, punch, slap and say something like “what you F*ing trying to publicly rape me in front of your kids? can you be any more disgustingly slimy rude obnoxious putrid and creepy? I can feel your voice via you touching me let alone hear the booming sh*te coming from your offensive down right ugly cake hole”

Yet I don’t. I never do, I calm down, move on and have strange nightmares about being oppressed. Today I went around tescos to get the shopping and it was a mere breeze in comparison to the service station. Not just because I’m less tired and generally not stressed from driving. I am amazed at how uptight and what I really wanted to say wanted to be so offensive. I really do think there are some completely insensitive creeps out there who can offend anybodies sensibilities just by breathing. He may be nice but for that moment he was everything I wanted to hate in the world. A very odd moment and one I hope not to repeat. I think it helps that I usually spend most of my life in a nice routine of safeness knowing whom and when I interact with people. I may be more controlled than I look, its for my safety and maybe even yours 😉

oh and my car now reads 010101 on the miles traveled. Binarytastic.


stunning wedding

June 17, 2007

So Scotty and I went down to Southampton on Thursday, the journey was long rainy and a bit stop and start but we made it there fine. Popped in to see his parents and went back to the hotel. Took it easy the next morning and slowly got ready.

The whole event was delightful, classy and gentle, we went to Scott’s parents house to start with and I made a cuppa for his mum, the groom (his brother) and the best man, introduced to me as Fooksey. I straightened ties and pinned on flowers. Then off to the church. Amazingly the groom was entirely composed and not even a bead of sweat crossed his brow. Bret and Clare were married with their daughter Freya clinging to their legs, so very cute. Scotty has put some pictures up:

Click on image to go to photo set on flickr.

After the simple classy service the weather broke and some blue sky and sun turned up just in time for photos outside the church. We sloped off back to the hotel to get a cab to the reception at the golf club. The room for the reception was lovely, light and simple wooden beamed room. The food was fabulous, as was the atmosphere, quite a few small children kept the atmosphere lively and fun and relaxed. I met some more of Scott’s family which was great. As most weddings should be, fun was had by all. I like many consumed way too much booze and had trouble trying to sleep it off.

Saturday morning was spent mostly asleep with a brief visit to the free breakfast to make sure I was sober enough to drive. The Journey back to Norwich was 5 hours with more rain. Overall a wonderful break and great to see folks. Spent the rest of Saturday recovering from driving.


just spent

June 13, 2007

a wonderful afternoon with the twins. They are such bundles of fun, great to play with and always in to something. I met Mum and Dad at my brothers house and mum trimmed my hair. It needed it.

I’ve not mentioned this yet here, there has not been a place for it but my mum is going through chemotherapy for cancer. She’s had a wonderful life but it appears to be hereditary and although she had a mastectomy 2 years ago ish, the cancer came back and she has a few more treatments left. Mum copes so well but we had to have a good chat about things. The latest news is that it will come back even after this treatment. Her quality of life now is fair to good, although the doctor has said she should expect only 2 years of remission before it all has to happen again. Because of this she did say today, if you are going to get around to getting married please do it sooner rather than later so that she can enjoy it properly. I agree, I need to get things sorted, sooner rather than later. The dawning that every lifetime is finite is something I’ve avoided for many many years having nobody that close to me die since I was 6 years old, they were my grandads, both of them within 6 months of each other. I still remember it. I was sensible about it then amazingly, mum reminded me that I had wise words for her then, saying that her father was in a better place, and not suffering. Goodness knows how I had such a sensible head at such a young age. I’ve always been the sort to be more level headed about life and knowing its an experience that will end. Although this will still not stop me maybe having a small part of my heart break for my mum because she does not deserve this. At least she can fight for her life and have a good time remaining no matter how long or short it is.

SO Please everyone now, think of someone you love, everyone has someone, and make sure they know it. Don’t leave it life is worth taking by the scruff and enjoying to the full.


well the weekend

June 12, 2007

floated by and now I cant even remember what we did. Oh we bought some more worms for our wormery and I bought some Kaulund Enchante 100% silk. I wanted to see if I could run off a quick silk lace scarf before the weekend but it’s not to be. I’ll blog it at some point.

I’ve got the whole week off so yesterday was spent with my old mate Ian. We chatted lots and realized that we’ve been friends for 9 years! I do like getting back in touch with old friends. We had a quick route around tescos for the weekly shop and then home to play on the wii. I think we played too much because today Ian hurts 🙂 I told him to mind his bowling technique.

Today I gathered some of the finishing touches to my outfit for this wedding we’re doing soon. I’m not saying when because anyone can read this and many know where I live. 😉 nothing like being cautious. Anyhew,  I got some false nails and makeup. WHAT? me? wearing makeup? I don’t think I remember how to apply it. I tried the false nails this evening. I’m not too good at it. Now my arms ache from loads of knitting and driving Ian home last night. I’ve got a big drive to Sotton (sarfampton to the innocent) soon so I’d best take a rest for now.

Erasmus has taken to sleeping in between  our arses on the bed at night. His arse faces up and we back in to him. It’s like arse central in the middle of our bed. Most cosy.


I’ve been published!

June 7, 2007

well sort of.. not exactly published as such but I do host some photos at SXC and on flickr too (link bottom right of this page). These have been picked up by several people and they have requested use of my photos on their sites and or documents. I of course say yes and the only thing I ask for is my name on or near the photo to say either where it came from or the fact the image is by me. Its a standard thing that most people ask as part of copy wright.

I was going back through the items I have had used and I thought it might be nice to try and gather them all on this blog, so here goes, a list of items of where you can find my images that have been used. (that I know of, if you know of any please send me a note)
1, Aloe Vera originally placed on SXC here has been used by

2, Erasmus stretching was placed on SXC here and has been used by healthy critters

3, An old friend from b3ta and 4rthur days (one day I may explain it all) runs a news letter on cats for the ArisoCat rescue charity. Erasmus featured in the March news letter and may appear in future mewsletters. (arf). Pictures are taken from my flickr account on these. Click here for low quality PDF and here for high quality pdf.

4, a german brochure. I wish I knew more but I do not speak german. I think its something about family and kids. The PDF can be found here. They have used This image in two parts stored on SXC.

5, requested use of some photos but have not given any more details. their site is subscription based so if anyone out there has a subscription and do not allow picture copying from their site. They used 5 UK and 2 Spain photos.

6, The science meusem of minisota requested use of my worm photo from flickr. They placed it up here in a great article about rain and worms.

7, The last one I found was for Morston Hall. I’ve never been, although it is somewhere close to where we live that I would just love to go for an 8 course meal. The only issue is so far they have not creddited me for the photo of blickling hall found here. I sent them a message today about this requesting they credit me or take it down. I do love having my stuff published, but what is the point if you cant show that its yours?