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July 31, 2007

and I cant think of anything else, apart from Tempura prawns…

Shiki Sushi restaurant in Norwich on Toombland. Monday and Tuesday nights, all you can eat for twenty squid.

Oh and I thought when I heard mcfly the other day in passing that I knew that tune. I stumbled upon my old faves Jellyfish via god knows where and found the original tune! *bops* aaah the college memories and a very silly video.


SO full I cant move. tasty.



July 30, 2007

its a fickle mistress. Something to set your life by but when avoided just to have an extra 5 minutes up knitting, it can end up being the rod of iron for your back.

Says she who is mighty tired and working hard. I’d love to just curl up on the sofa with knitting all week but I cant. I am slave to routine and making sure I go to work, wash and clean, cook and sleep.

In good news I saw my sister, her kids and that plus mum and dad yesterday. It was lovely to see them all and play with Ewan and Bethan. I spent nearly all Saturday and then also Sunday evening knitting and tinking( backwards knitting for those not in the know) trying to find just the right thing for my desert winds lace weight yarn. I think I’ve finally cracked it with a pattern from my Victorian lace today book. I’ve undone all the silk lace knitting that was listed as a project on ravelry and decided I want something more wide with it. The needle was way too big at 5.5mm. I’m coming to crave a decent set circular of needles with good action and slip between cable and needle. lace knitting is quite a bind when the loops keep getting caught on the transition join.

All in all knowing I can achieve has pushed me harder after ruining some hard work. Although my craving for knitting time is starting to wind me up some. I get so lost in it I can loose hours and not talk to anyone. Shame I’ve not got that sort of time to spare right now.


I hate myself

July 28, 2007

I really do. Why do I bother ever making an effort to make anything nice ever because I have the ability to completely undo, ruin and destroy all of it within days of achieving anything good.

I washed my silk skirt, on a cold ish wash in the washing machine. I knew it should have been hand washed but noooo, lets make things easier by throwing it in the old machine. Its completely ruined. Not even good enough to use as dish rags.

when will I learn? why did I bother falling in love with some great and lovely work only to take it away from myself. I’m sorely tempted to get the frying pan out and try and knock some sense in until I pass out.

suggestions on how to fix are most welcome. I consider myself entitled to mope for the rest of the weekend feeling unfulfilled.


lovely lovely days off

July 25, 2007

Yesterday was spent at home. I made sure all the washing was done and sat around wanting to be productive. I took the plunge and knowing I’ve not got the best sewing skills in the world I took my dress making scissors to my most expensive silk sari. Now it sounds rash, but it sat there for many a year gathering dust and an initial pay out of £50 was quite a bargain in the UK for 5 metres of strong rose pink heavy silk with silver border. I was scared to cut it before but using it was better than it just gathering dust.

I cut 4 peices of Isosceles trapezoid (think whole leg length) to sew together and cut off the top edge which had all the detail. It turned it in to a wrap skirt, and I used the rest of the silver edging for a wide waist band. Now even I’m in awe of how nice it has turned out. There are issues with it because I don’t have an over locker I had to double sew all the seams to fold in all the fraying edges. They wont come out now. Its not pretty on the inside but nobody sees the inside. I used the bottom hem of the sari to use as the bottom hem of the skirt saving me several hours of sewing. I’m so happy with the result I wore it to work today. I’ve had lots of lovely comments about it, but mostly its because the silk is something increadably special that it came out nice. Its one thing I don’t want to repeat though because silk shifts teribly when sewing it. Thank goodness mum gave me a good tip years ago to help it all work; Iron it first, iron in all your creases and folds then it will hold.

I suppose now you need a photo to prove it. I’ll get Scotty to take some when I get home from work and I’ll update this post.(edit) we have photos!

In other news I knitted some more bayerische. They are deffo mits now and not socks, and looking mighty fine too!

shame about the stabby bits…

Oh and anyone want to pull some skin off me? the backs of my shoulders are peeling where I didn’t have coverage. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off a sheet of skin, or squeezing spots. I’m fussy which spots I do squeeze but damn they are fun.

One last thing, I LOVE our cat. He was so pleased to see us when we got back. Last night after spending the day with him he decided at bed time he would tell us a story and would not stop squeaking, not meowing. Little squeaks all punctuated and almost like propper words. He was sad as I left this morning and I just wish we could take him to work with us. He would make the best office cat ever.


returned from festival, washed, rested and enjoying comforts

July 24, 2007

Eastern Haze was fab. Saw loads of people I know and enjoyed lots of very good music. Got muddy, sat around a lot and even knitted a few rows. I’m lightly sunburned on my neck even though I spent most of the weekend under an umbrella for shade.

We pitched our tent with some friends we met via Flickr (vvt), although we arrived on Friday during driving rain. We managed to put up the tent with help in sideways rain and wind and amazingly it dried out on the inside in no time. We stomped off in to the main event for the evening where we found there were LARGE volumes of mud. Mainly unavoidable I soaked my trainers through to the skin. We left early after hearing a few songs from the block heads including Trevor. My feet just could not take any more wetness. Luckily I brought a 2nd pair of shoes with me, even if they are just flip flops it was a prudent choice. I must get myself some wellies.

So on to Saturday, we slept well and in to the morning, all the fresh air and walking and dancing put us out cold as soon as we lay back in the tent. Now I must explain we are kings of comfort, we have posh air beds which self inflate, several blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. Also the tent is a 4 man tent just for the two of us and is a perfect geodesic dome. I’m still yet to see any other campers with the same orange and blue tent as us. I still love it and I’m yet to have a really bad nights sleep in it even in driving rain.

We also have a silver plastic mat. Just an off cut of around 1.5 meters of plastic coated fabric which is a god send for any camping. We put it down plastic side on any wet ground and we can sit in the dry. The weather did dry up a fair bit which is why I have a tan now but still the ground was damp and there was more rain so still some areas were very gooey and hard to walk through. Picture it now, Scotty and I lazing about in nice weather, me knitting, him lazing sitting near some good music and just enjoying some relaxing time. I did get my bayerische out several times but nobody asked any questions about knitting which was a bit sad. I suppose festival goers have seen it all before.

On to the music, there were two fields of music this year. The dance field with the reggae tent was very very muddy, although we did see some cracking acts including Zion Train. They had a live horn section which really made it entertaining. I had to stand outside after a bit after being kicked with muddy boots several times. By this point the trainers were back on but with bin bags inside to keep my feet dry. After stomping about the dancy sections for a bit we moved on to the main stage waiting for the Ozric tentacles to start. We went past the rap and MC stage. Now not normally my cup of tea I cant normally stand chavvy types bigging up themselves with too much jewelery and an obnoxious chip on their shoulder. There was something I heard which made me wonder over. Petebox was playing live. When he did a bobby Mcferin track and the pink panther in beat box it really really was entertaining. He layered up sounds using a foot pedally thing which was extremely impressive.

The whole weekend was great fun. We relaxed and enjoyed it all not even bothered by the mud, although doing the washing now is entertaining. I think I need a new pair of trainers. We packed up quite early on Sunday afternoon but not until we spent some time with my mate Andy whilst he took a drumming session in the kids area. He’s a pro drummer and has some fantastic talent on most drums. He helped out by leading the drums on a kids parade. Once he gets his drum out everyone else joins in and follows along :). Please visit his link “Drue” on the right, he does Djembe re-skinning and other drumming training and workshops for kids. Here have some photos, what we could manage to take without getting the camera muddy.

and one from scotty too:


tent check

July 20, 2007

torch check, sleeping bags check, toilet roll check, pants check, sun hat check, knitting check, book check, brolly check, all weather gear? nope

but I think we’ll survive apart from the deluge about to approach this afternoon. Hopefully we can get set up when its not raining. We’ve even got another friend going to the same place so we’re hopefully going to be pitched up with a large group which kinda makes events like this. Our house is SPOTLESS I tells thee! (well by our standards it is)

I’ll see you on t’other side of the weekend.


falling asleep feeling guilty.

July 18, 2007

that was me last night after moaning about mum trying to help, because that’s all she’s trying to do.

I had a good old think about it and I realise its me and not her at fault. We were brought up with respect for our elders and especially mum because she is intelligent, understanding and mostly right. I entirely understand she has 30 years on me of experience and understands how things work better than me so therefore I give her all the time in the world to explain stuff to me. I often refer to mum just for her opinion on things and I find that the choices she makes are probably the choices I would make. I have usually got all the time in the world to listen to her because I love and respect her.

Now in this situation she has requested that I lay down the rules. This is what I’m not used to. Yeah its my wedding day and it should be my choices but to do that I need to feed her the information and make the decisions, something I’ve where ever possible avoided and left to others. Her requesting information from me then sounds to me like demands which they are not. I misinterpret the aims of her words which are to get me to think about things and make my own mind up. Instead I see pushiness which all in all is not my mum.

Now I’ve got that out of my system, mum and dad will be coming over for the weekend and house sitting Erasmus, which means a MAHOOSIVE clean up for us. Its not that bad but I do like to leave the place nice for others when they are doing me a favour. Tomorrow will be cleaning and visiting the twins. Friday Saturday and Sunday will be camping at Eastern Haze. Its going to be GREAT. Then I have Monday off to recover and Tuesday off to try and get some useful stuff done. One thing I’m going to do is take my knitting camping with me. I’ve struggled to get any done at all this week due to work and organizing things. There’s nothing like a small holiday to assist with fun projects. Also I hope to come back with lots of photos.


and now to let you in on a few secrets…

July 17, 2007

Scotty had a job interview on Monday. He completed the online tests first last week and all seems to have gone well. We are waiting to hear more. It seems like a nice new oportunity but we’ll just keep everything crossed because it will probably be a hefty pay rise if he gets it. Waiting is the hardest part.

I’ve provisionally pre-booked the registrar for our wedding. We went on Sunday to Dragon Hall which is were we want to marry and have a reception. I personally still want a HUGE party after but not on the same day. Now this is not an invite to all and sundry but I want to let some people know the date. We’re booked in for August 23rd 2008. This should give us enough time to get sorted out. This is on my terms, my time line and as anyone who knows me close enough understands that I need it this way or it will never happen.

Scotty and I sat down over the weekend and penciled in a few basics so we know where to start from. Now all we have to do is start putting down deposits and arranging caterers and flowers and clothes. Which is all thoroughly atainable within the time line.

I did phone mum and let her know what was going on but then I was blasted with a list of things to do which did not assist at all, it confused me, made me worry and generally wound me up. Now I do LOVE my mum, she’s the best mum anyone could have but I can see me getting rather wound up by her not understanding what I want. I think the problem is I find it hard do let her know what I want and she over compensates by giving me too much information and on many items all at once. There are things I will need her help with, and things I dont.

So just to try and break down our converstation a little to make things clearer:

Car parking is not my issue right now.

I’m not ready to go to London to shop for fabric yet.

No Norwich does not have any wedding shops that stock wedding dresses with sleeves in.

I want a corset under my dress, not a basque or standard undies which means a trip for me to rigby and peller London. No I cant get that sort of thing in Norwich. (this was a lot more long winded I just cut it down)

Yes we can travel to ireland or scotland to get the celtic style I want but I’m not sure I’ll find it that easily and yes I’d love you to make the dress if you can understand what I want. No gold, no cream, er um. I sent on designs and was sent back dress patterns to stick together. Good ideas but still not understanding my point. My mum can and will make my dress if I ask her. Firstly I need to spend some time shopping around.

flowers? nope not even started there yet. Dragon Hall does not particularly need them its a sight in itself.

dressing the hall? I mentioned some window covers and then it ended in full details as how to attach a voile cover when she’s not even seen them. Its a grade 1 listed building so nothing nailed, blue tacked or taped.

MUM PLEASE stop trying so hard, you’re squishing me! and that was just one phone call because we’ve fixed a date. Mum has told me to tell her when to stop. I think I need to say STOP and I’ll tell you when to start.



July 16, 2007

I am a moose without wings, I glide silently through the streets of Manchester on a vacuum cleaner made of frosted glass, I deliver milk to house-bound spinsters, I take away the used bandages from the battlefields near the great tree planted by my fore fathers, I descend upon goats and replace their feet with pipe-cleaners. I manufacture porcelain spaniels for the domestic market, I once destroyed an entire stretch of the M3 with a single flick of my anus.

Interests & Hobbies:
scaling vertical walls with only the aid of a bottle of washing up liquid.
freestyle cardigan spinning.
allowing the excess steam from a dry cleaners to seep into my house to create an unpleasant odour, and stain the wallpaper if I’m lucky.

I like:
the b side of “making your mind up” by Bucks Fizz.
Eddie Stobbart’s ear ring collection.
the Southampton Municipal golf course.
certain parts of the cysteine chapel.

This is quoted from the b3ta profile belonging to my other half.

Hopefully this will go some way in to explaining how strange we are, how in love we are, and how wonderful life is with him next to me. He entertains me, makes me feel wanted, intelligent, supported and loved and above all we laugh together. I apreciate him in so many ways I can’t even write them down. So here’s to having someone worth loving and sharing it all with because one day next year, once I get organized he’s going to be mine all mine.


just to keep you informed

July 14, 2007

life is going on but nothing worth babbling about. Now super tired and catching up after a week of waking up over an hour early every day, lots to do for work and a fair amount of travel. The digger started at 8am this morning on the plot next to my house. I slept through it to catch up on some rest but woke up with a headache instead.

Its warm and windy which is OK for a bit but for 3 days? It makes me sneeze. speak later when I feel more like letting you in on some secrets. Now I must go knit.