trying to work on a PC

July 6, 2007

is a pain when your eyelids are swolen. There are gusty winds outside today and I love sleeping with the windows open. So this morning I am puffy mc pufferson of puffsville. I look like a fish.

Good news is I’ve got most of the afternoon off and my friend Eve is picking me up and we’re going back home for a natter. I’ve not seen her in far too long. She’s bringing her daughter Alys all of 7 ish months old. aw. I will try to get photos if my eyes de-puff by then.

Must see the family this weekend too. I miss them all and want cuddles from the twins. I also want to see if any of them will look after Erasmus whilst we go to Eastern Haze later this month. We’ve not organized anything yet. oops.

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