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well the weekend was busy

July 9, 2007

Eve came over on Friday and we had a great late afternoon together. I met Alys and Alys also met Erasmus. Amazingly they got on ok, not brilliantly but for a 7 month old and a cat not used to children it was quite an achievement.

Click on the image to see the photo set on flickr.

Then I took a moment to go in to the garden and see to my plants. I was amazed to see that some of my hard work was coming to fruition, quite litterally…

If you click on the link to it, choose view large. Its quite something. I love nature!

On Saturday I went to see my friend Mary in Lowestoft, we knitted and chatted and went out for lunch. One very nice day it was too.

Sunday was spent bimbling about not achieving much but hey what else are Sundays for? I baked bread and made Haloumi and red onions in reggae reggae sauce wich were great wedged inside the fresh bread.