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July 16, 2007

I am a moose without wings, I glide silently through the streets of Manchester on a vacuum cleaner made of frosted glass, I deliver milk to house-bound spinsters, I take away the used bandages from the battlefields near the great tree planted by my fore fathers, I descend upon goats and replace their feet with pipe-cleaners. I manufacture porcelain spaniels for the domestic market, I once destroyed an entire stretch of the M3 with a single flick of my anus.

Interests & Hobbies:
scaling vertical walls with only the aid of a bottle of washing up liquid.
freestyle cardigan spinning.
allowing the excess steam from a dry cleaners to seep into my house to create an unpleasant odour, and stain the wallpaper if I’m lucky.

I like:
the b side of “making your mind up” by Bucks Fizz.
Eddie Stobbart’s ear ring collection.
the Southampton Municipal golf course.
certain parts of the cysteine chapel.

This is quoted from the b3ta profile belonging to my other half.

Hopefully this will go some way in to explaining how strange we are, how in love we are, and how wonderful life is with him next to me. He entertains me, makes me feel wanted, intelligent, supported and loved and above all we laugh together. I apreciate him in so many ways I can’t even write them down. So here’s to having someone worth loving and sharing it all with because one day next year, once I get organized he’s going to be mine all mine.