returned from festival, washed, rested and enjoying comforts

July 24, 2007

Eastern Haze was fab. Saw loads of people I know and enjoyed lots of very good music. Got muddy, sat around a lot and even knitted a few rows. I’m lightly sunburned on my neck even though I spent most of the weekend under an umbrella for shade.

We pitched our tent with some friends we met via Flickr (vvt), although we arrived on Friday during driving rain. We managed to put up the tent with help in sideways rain and wind and amazingly it dried out on the inside in no time. We stomped off in to the main event for the evening where we found there were LARGE volumes of mud. Mainly unavoidable I soaked my trainers through to the skin. We left early after hearing a few songs from the block heads including Trevor. My feet just could not take any more wetness. Luckily I brought a 2nd pair of shoes with me, even if they are just flip flops it was a prudent choice. I must get myself some wellies.

So on to Saturday, we slept well and in to the morning, all the fresh air and walking and dancing put us out cold as soon as we lay back in the tent. Now I must explain we are kings of comfort, we have posh air beds which self inflate, several blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. Also the tent is a 4 man tent just for the two of us and is a perfect geodesic dome. I’m still yet to see any other campers with the same orange and blue tent as us. I still love it and I’m yet to have a really bad nights sleep in it even in driving rain.

We also have a silver plastic mat. Just an off cut of around 1.5 meters of plastic coated fabric which is a god send for any camping. We put it down plastic side on any wet ground and we can sit in the dry. The weather did dry up a fair bit which is why I have a tan now but still the ground was damp and there was more rain so still some areas were very gooey and hard to walk through. Picture it now, Scotty and I lazing about in nice weather, me knitting, him lazing sitting near some good music and just enjoying some relaxing time. I did get my bayerische out several times but nobody asked any questions about knitting which was a bit sad. I suppose festival goers have seen it all before.

On to the music, there were two fields of music this year. The dance field with the reggae tent was very very muddy, although we did see some cracking acts including Zion Train. They had a live horn section which really made it entertaining. I had to stand outside after a bit after being kicked with muddy boots several times. By this point the trainers were back on but with bin bags inside to keep my feet dry. After stomping about the dancy sections for a bit we moved on to the main stage waiting for the Ozric tentacles to start. We went past the rap and MC stage. Now not normally my cup of tea I cant normally stand chavvy types bigging up themselves with too much jewelery and an obnoxious chip on their shoulder. There was something I heard which made me wonder over. Petebox was playing live. When he did a bobby Mcferin track and the pink panther in beat box it really really was entertaining. He layered up sounds using a foot pedally thing which was extremely impressive.

The whole weekend was great fun. We relaxed and enjoyed it all not even bothered by the mud, although doing the washing now is entertaining. I think I need a new pair of trainers. We packed up quite early on Sunday afternoon but not until we spent some time with my mate Andy whilst he took a drumming session in the kids area. He’s a pro drummer and has some fantastic talent on most drums. He helped out by leading the drums on a kids parade. Once he gets his drum out everyone else joins in and follows along :). Please visit his link “Drue” on the right, he does Djembe re-skinning and other drumming training and workshops for kids. Here have some photos, what we could manage to take without getting the camera muddy.

and one from scotty too:

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  1. Glad you had a good time 🙂

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