July 30, 2007

its a fickle mistress. Something to set your life by but when avoided just to have an extra 5 minutes up knitting, it can end up being the rod of iron for your back.

Says she who is mighty tired and working hard. I’d love to just curl up on the sofa with knitting all week but I cant. I am slave to routine and making sure I go to work, wash and clean, cook and sleep.

In good news I saw my sister, her kids and that plus mum and dad yesterday. It was lovely to see them all and play with Ewan and Bethan. I spent nearly all Saturday and then also Sunday evening knitting and tinking( backwards knitting for those not in the know) trying to find just the right thing for my desert winds lace weight yarn. I think I’ve finally cracked it with a pattern from my Victorian lace today book. I’ve undone all the silk lace knitting that was listed as a project on ravelry and decided I want something more wide with it. The needle was way too big at 5.5mm. I’m coming to crave a decent set circular of needles with good action and slip between cable and needle. lace knitting is quite a bind when the loops keep getting caught on the transition join.

All in all knowing I can achieve has pushed me harder after ruining some hard work. Although my craving for knitting time is starting to wind me up some. I get so lost in it I can loose hours and not talk to anyone. Shame I’ve not got that sort of time to spare right now.


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