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things is going gettin busy this month

July 11, 2007

I’m in Cambridge today for work. Back again on Friday too. Then out again Monday and Wednesday of next week again to Cambridge, then 4 days off to go camping. Mum and Dad are going to house sit which means the place really should have a complete top to bottom clean… but with little or no time to do it in.. mmm I need a magic wand.

This weekend we’ve got a few plans mostly involving family but mostly up in the air as we cant all seem to be in the same place at the same time.

In other news I’ve added a small selection of my favourite games to the new linky bit down on the right of the page. I cant gaurantee you can run all the games but they are all good for filling in small bursts of inactivity, of course at home and not at lunchtime on the works network. Oh no, I cannot condone anything like that. *whistles*

ps. it took me over two hours to get home from Cambridge because I got lost searching for tescos petrol on the A14 Milton turn off. Now I am tired and un-fluffy, must re-fluff with yarn, hugs and cat.


well the weekend was busy

July 9, 2007

Eve came over on Friday and we had a great late afternoon together. I met Alys and Alys also met Erasmus. Amazingly they got on ok, not brilliantly but for a 7 month old and a cat not used to children it was quite an achievement.

Click on the image to see the photo set on flickr.

Then I took a moment to go in to the garden and see to my plants. I was amazed to see that some of my hard work was coming to fruition, quite litterally…

If you click on the link to it, choose view large. Its quite something. I love nature!

On Saturday I went to see my friend Mary in Lowestoft, we knitted and chatted and went out for lunch. One very nice day it was too.

Sunday was spent bimbling about not achieving much but hey what else are Sundays for? I baked bread and made Haloumi and red onions in reggae reggae sauce wich were great wedged inside the fresh bread.


trying to work on a PC

July 6, 2007

is a pain when your eyelids are swolen. There are gusty winds outside today and I love sleeping with the windows open. So this morning I am puffy mc pufferson of puffsville. I look like a fish.

Good news is I’ve got most of the afternoon off and my friend Eve is picking me up and we’re going back home for a natter. I’ve not seen her in far too long. She’s bringing her daughter Alys all of 7 ish months old. aw. I will try to get photos if my eyes de-puff by then.

Must see the family this weekend too. I miss them all and want cuddles from the twins. I also want to see if any of them will look after Erasmus whilst we go to Eastern Haze later this month. We’ve not organized anything yet. oops.


tofu, angst and fluff

July 4, 2007

I could have knocked several blocks off people for general bad management of stuffs. Although I fear saying any more because I know its not my fault, but blathering about work is not really what I’m here for.

What I am here fore is to enjoy the fluff, and who can resist a bunny as fluffy as that. Now I am thoroughly calmed and almost in control of all inevitabilites in the workplace I have just enough break time to tell you what we had for dinner last night.

Thai tofu curry. This is one for the vegans out there like bittersweet.

oil a pan and throw in generous helpings of finely chopped garlic ginger and de-seeded green chilli and fry off until just turning colour. have a selection of medium diced veg at the ready, try and make all veg of a cookable size at the same time. This is my way of making cooking really easy, carrots small, courgette large, pepper medium, button mushrooms whole, spring onions halved.

Throw in the tofu diced (dried on kitchen towel) and the veggies this way they should all cook evenly when thrown in together. stir and fry for a couple of mins until things start sticking. add around half a cup of water, just enough to lift the flavours from the pan and give it a quick steam, do not let it boil dry. Put on lid and steam until starting to go tender. Once veggies are nearly all cooked, add carton of coconut cream (best not be on a diet for that)… and the juice of half a lime. Stir, let it all cook through then use cornflour to thicken at the end. I also added a dash of soy sauce and mushroom ketchup to make a fuller flavour.

I made all that with some Thai rice which I threw some butter in at the end to steam with some more lime juice. Sorry that’s the non vegan bit. I’m sure there are some suitable alternatives out there for the butter.

all in all a very good stuffing full of food, and one for the freezer for lazy days 🙂


people who make me love knitting stuff

July 3, 2007

Grumperina has put in to words, feelings of knitters the world over. I wish I could add more but I think she’s covered it. Deffo if you like kintting its a blog worth reading. I love grumperina’s designs, she has a talent most knitters wish to have. The ability to create something completely new and interesting.

yoyo knits knitted her own stockings for her wedding. Now that is what I call determination, and going far beyond service to the cause of knitting. I’m always impressed by her work.

faery crafty has been a god send when it comes to researching knitting patterns on the web. She has an almost complete set of links to all things knitterly. Also after spending some time reading her blog we have had a few heart to heart emails that have made me think I’ve gained another friend out there on the inter-ether.

Dominocat has been a long term friend and I’m always impressed at her achievements. Her latest shocked me a little but after I am in awe at how cool her new tattoo is and how she has been conquering her fears and still being able to get out and go to wool fest. Deeply jealous, I wanted to go but its too far for me.

Miss Alice Faye can do things with lace that I dream of. Where do all you knitters get the time? the ability and the sheer cleverness not to have to rip back 5 rows every 6.

the biggest stash of yarn I have EVER seen in my entire life.

There are many more on this list that I would like to add. They should all be listed down on the bottom right in my contacts but I am just way too lazy to update it. I have a feed from google for loads of knitting blogs one day I will hopefully give all you bloggers out there credit for filling my free time with wonderful blatherings.