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I have too many lace books and not enough sockage.

August 2, 2007

I seriously needs some books on sock knitting. I’ve not got much spare cash for the moment mainly because of the wonderful continuous upping of our lovely mortgage. I can do frugal, I can cover my back and make sure we still have enough for our wedding. (which reminds me I need to pay the deposit on the booking) which also reminds me, we have a date set. I’m trying to make sure what savings I do have go towards that and keeping us in the black.

Scotty had a 2nd job interview yesterday which went well. Hopefully he will get the job and that will help no end because its more money. *sings money makes the world go around* in my head folks, I would never torture you with my very pitchy singing voice.

so anyways on to the task in hand, I have 3 books for swapsies.

All 3 are still in mint condition, they are very very lovely books but I for one do not NEED them. I have other lace books and I’ve painstakingly copied out anything I need without damaging the books. They have been read and stored safely in a box under my bed. No stains, no dents and no folding down pages *shudders* I can do it in note books but not in real books.

I’ve done no research in to sock books. I would love to have a book or two on heels and toes, kitchener stitches, short rows, heel flaps, toe up, cuff down. Anything really. The stuff I’ve tried before I’ve ended up making a little mess of and if I do make the effort to stick to a propper pattern I may stand a chance of knitting some propper socks. So is anyone interested? I’ll pimp out the blog on flickr and other places I frequent so please leave a message with suggestions if you have any. All constructive comments welcomed.

ps. I’ll try and find some nice bits and bobs to add to the package. Be ready for some surprises.