just trying to keep my diary up to date

August 6, 2007

summer has been slow coming this year. looks like everyone has put it all on hold until the last two weeks in August onwards. Mum and Dad will be moving some point then and hopefully my brother’s house move is only a week away.

We babysat the twins on Saturday night and it was lovely. They slept well and made no noise. I just sat knitting in front of the TV. My new shawl (pictures once I get confidence its not all going to be ripped out) from VLT is up past 100 rows and 200 ish stitches.

Last night I realised at the last pattern transition I got the change over very very wrong in several places. I’ve ripped back 4 rows and placed in a save line. That was a painful couple of hours placing every single stitch back on to the needle after ripping back. I’m going to be loads more careful and place in a few safety stages all the way through this item.

The issue was yesterday and a bit of Saturday were the hottest days this year. Everyone has been waiting for the great weather here in the UK. We’d not had a summer as such at all so far. I just flaked I got hot and irritable and to deal with it I stuck my head in my knitting and just hid. Poor Scotty had that to deal with thinking that there was something wrong and I had got upset with him. I explained its not him, its the heat. Feeling flabby, sweaty and generally out of puff when climbing our two storeys of stairs is not my idea of fun or enjoyment. Hanging out the washing with no breeze and burning sun was the sum total of my exposure to the light this weekend. I’m not THAT unfit, I just cant cope with high humidity heat. Plus then because our house backs on to lots of peoples back gardens its often a great peaceful place to be. No not this weekend because neighbours, whom ever they were managed to have a disco and karaoke in their back garden with mic and DJ. Normally I’d ask them to keep it down a bit but as it was a 5th birthday (which was sung at least 3 times between 11am and 8pm) I did not have the heart to ruin their fun. I’m very very glad both Scotty and I did not have a headache which often happens to both of us in extreme heat.

Old grumpy guts here has some work to cheer up Scotty after all that. I really was just a hot annoyed bunny.


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