knitting FRENZY!

August 12, 2007

I had way too much choice. Plus not enough knowledge to run up my own patterns. I keep trying to stick things together only to get frustrated.

Now finally I think I have cracked it. I have not only managed to get past the first hump of getting the patterns together I’ve managed to design my own with a lot of help from online resources.

Olgajazzy has some beautiful stuff and this is now integrated in to the ever changing pattern of my new half hexagon shawl. Olga has given hers away free and it is stunning in itself. Plus no where near as complicated as it looks. No triple stitches and a regular repeat.

That was the progress from a slight adaptation of the half hexagon spider lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Now I have fully charted out a transfer in all 3 sections in to the pattern above from Olgajazzy. Thank You Olga!

I’ve changed at least two repeat changes from the VLT design to get this the way I want. I’d like to give this away free, but I’m still not sure how it would be accepted as my own work. What do you knitters out there think?



  1. Jive,
    You are very welcome and in my opinion you can freely post it as your own pattern. All it is just alteration/modification into a different shape, I don’t mind, i think it would be helpful to someone who decided to make it into same shape as yours. Thanks for droppig by, Happy Knitting! Olga

  2. Sorry Olga, this got ripped out last night in a fit of annoyance. Although I do love your pattern so much I will do a scarf of just that, at some point.

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