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things I missed

August 14, 2007

Some one took me up on the offer to swap arctic lace for a sock book. The lovely Beverly here in the UK did the swap. I’m very happy with the sock book she gave me: socks socks socks.

As I’ve not talked about it you may have guessed I did not make it to the works party. We went down the local, quaffed cider and fruit beers and staggered home. Saw friends and generally had a nice time.

I’ve been picking up a few links from around the webosphere:

singing science from Rogan who was an old friend from b3ta days. Entertaining, educational and just plain silly.
slacker cats from wendy knits If you ever want to know about knitting socks, this is your woman. I want to see this but I don’t think its coming to the UK any time soon.

I don’t get to the cinema often. I tend to go and see kids animation films but this summer I’ve not been tempted by any films. This will change when the golden compass comes out. I’ve read the books and enjoyed them, I’m sure they will do them justice. Just look at Iorek! I so want to hug him.