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drifting in to the land of nod.

August 16, 2007

the night before last I went up to bed before scotty whilst he was doing some paper work. I lay there under our best fake fur blanket which we use in the summer to add just a little more than a sheet. We know that this fur throw is Erasmus’s favourite. I had the best cat massage ever. He “puddied”* me for a good 20 minutes all down one side and in to my armpit. A very odd feeling but one that brought me great joy. His face is quite something when he gets in to mooshing up the blanket.

*also known as kneading dough baking cakes and lots of other things I cant remember.

I need to take some more photos of Erasmus. I just cant explain how friendly and playful and almost human he is without showing you images.

In other news I went out with a work friend yesterday for lunch, we went to a shop of a friend of hers to go and see if she had any corsets in stock. I’m investigating to see what style is best for my wedding dress. Anyhew there were none in stock and they were not stocking any more. I’ve found a corset style I’ve fallen in love with but I have to go down to London to get that. My friend L then said lets go to another dress shop. She took me to Pure on St Benedict’s and I tried on my 1st wedding dress. Actually I tried on about 5 in a very hot lunch time. The assistant was extremely helpful and I did say to my friend I bet she’d never thought she’d see me in my undies… I was surprised I just got on with it without embarrassment. Nothing I tried was anything I liked. There were some good ideas but I do know I’m on the right track getting a corset. Its what I need and what will look best on me.

I did manage to get one photo of me in a normal sleeveless dress but I am a tad reticent about putting it up on the web. I’ve had people ridicule me before on the net and I’m not about to give them a years worth of ammo all in one photo. If you would like to see me in a not so suitable but very pretty dress you can ask and i’ll mail it on. I was amazed that the shop let me take even one photo of a sale dress. I’d love to list the things wrong with it but I’m sure it will bore you rigid. I eventually left the shop in quite a daze wondering what would suit me and where to start.

I think I’ve decided. Next stop LONDON 😉