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tried on some more dresses

August 17, 2007

this lunch time and sent the pictures to mum and had a very good chat about them all. Most enjoyable and enlightening. Still even though I found a “nice” gown for £175 it was 100% polyester *shreeks* *shudders* I simply must have silk. I know that sounds a bit prissy but still, I can have silk because I can have it hand made for free, with love by someone I adore, appreciate and know will do a fantastic job. In fact I know nobody can do better.

Right I’ve got to go pack an over night bag. We’re off to spend the night at my brothers new house. I’ll tell you about his moving troubles another day. Somehow unless you buy new in the UK sellers are able to hide some of the worst things that could happen in a house and be able to get away with it because we cant prove they knew about it.