if it starts that bad

August 21, 2007

it can only get better. Woke up with a cracking headache and swolen tum. It has improved as the day has gone on. I’m trying to keep my evenings to completing the long oustanding big fluffy shrug i’ve been knitting. I must get it finished before the end of summer so I have something snuggly to wear I can call my own handy work. Not quite sure how it will turn out though because its thoroughly freestyle.

I quite enjoy freestyle knitting, otherwise know as adhoc, on the fly and just random making shapes. somehow I’ve turned a straight bit of knitting in to a tube with a hole in the middle. Then added triangles under the arms to give leverage. Now I’ve added a circular cowel to the front so it meets up (hopefully). Now I have to finish the sleeves and add a few rows that are tighter so it can grip the arms. Its WAY too baggy at the moment.

In other news I’ve been put forward to go back to Paris again for work. Last year it was hard work but fun. I didn’t get to leave the campus area within the disneyland hotels. I’d love to go and see more of Paris this time but I still don’t want to go alone. I cant take anyone with me either so its still very much a business trip. The good point to all this is that those who work hard also get to play hard. Free food and some sections of the park closed up and only accessible to the staff who are on these specific Eurofirms courses in disney for an evening. They even put on a bit of a show with all the disney characters. Here’s a sneak peek at last years fun.

This time I know what I need to take with me so I’ll be better prepared, that is if I do go. Its all a bit short notice. Plus with mum and dad still to move house, Scott starting his new job… I’m a bit whats the word. Frazzled.

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