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shrug off Paris on.

August 22, 2007

I trashed the shrug. I tried it on after binding off the front. I’m afraid to say even with not so big chesticles it did not fit around my ampleness. I was sooooo fed up with the yarn itself. I disliked knitting with it and I was not going to rip it all out and start all over again.  My answer was rash and conclusive. I took it to a charity shop on the way to work this morning. Hoorah! its gone, never to return. I never ever have to knit another bobbly uneven yarn if I don’t want to. Now that it is shed I have room to complete other things and maybe even start something new.

Paris is on. I got some of the details through this morning. I need to book flights but I don’t know if I should or if I need the business travel agent to book it all. Most confusing as I never use this process normally as I don’t tend to amble far from home. The one good thing is, on looking up the flights, is they go on Sunday late and come back on Friday so I don’t really loose out much on the weekends. I could stay longer and invite family for a day to come to Disneyland but honestly its not worth it. Its more trouble to and cost and I’d rather go with my work head on so I can guarantee good service instead of thinking that family or friends are enjoyning themselves without me.