The count down begins.

August 23, 2007

exactly one year today (and looking at my watch – in 5 minutes) I will be married. Its nice to have an aim, something we can both look forward to.

I have tomorrow off as holiday and I have a list of things I need to do that is as long as my arm. Although I’m tempted to spend most of the day in bed knitting or sleeping. I’m tired, over all i’m not sleeping my best. I go to bed too late, I never want to wake up. Plus Norfolk has been stuck in a wet grey haze for around 4 days which is helping zap any will to get out there and achieve. What happened to a good English summer? It completely disappeared on us. There was one good weekend in early August and a week in May. That’s not a summer, its criminal. I heard a friend say they were going to make a complaint. It was a joke but I still wonder who could you complain to about the weather. I do love how the English can make weather a discussion in all circumstances, almost like a sport.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday, I gave him a call as I could not be there to see him. We’ll see the whole family on Sunday at my brothers house. It was also Scotty’s dads birthday too. I think they are the same age… I should know, I’m just a bit lapse with stuff like that.

One last thing, please please remind me not to eat too much cheese. I feel sick and I’m sure its cheese that does it. I LOVE cheese, but from recent days I have proven it does not love me. Nothing major just I become a mucus filled mess and feel queasy. Oh well. This post was meant to be good and happy, I’ll try and be happy tomorrow instead.

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