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August 27, 2007

So Friday was spent going shopping for presents and food and stuffs. I found some sheets on sale in house of fraser for the bed. popped in to vanilla and tried on some corsets, they were beautiful but the shop was very much a boutique only stocking smaller sizes.

Popped over to see mum and dad on Saturday. Had a great time helping them clear out the loft. They are moving next week and had to get everything cleared out. So many memories past my eyes coming out in boxes. We took a walk around wells and collected some apples pears and tomatoes for cooking up. The garden was full of stuff so the more taken away the better. That evening I made green and red tomato chutney, slightly spicy but great.

Sunday we went over my brothers house to celebrate dad’s birthday last week. It was great seeing all the family. Gran was there too. We had a lovely bbq outside and played with the kids. We came back with a glut of plums, we weighed them today and they were 3.25 Kg…

I took the tomato chutney with us and it went down very well indeed.

A basic run down of green and red tomato chutney:

green and red tomatoes, red onion, 2 chillies all chopped and thrown in a pan. I deseeded my chillies to make it milder. cook down and add a half a pint of vinegar. I used half malt, half raspberry.

Next add spices, these are good. I added salt, pepper, mustard powder, hing (asefodeda), mango powder for a bit more tang, cumin, coriander a cinamon stick and a star anise. The star stayed whole but I was fool enough to break up the cinamon stick and spend hours pulling bits out. *sigh*

cook up, then once reduced a fair bit add a metric shedload of sugar. Notice I’ve not given out any measurements, mainly because I forgot to make any. keep cooking until going slightly gloopy. At this point I semi blended it to remove the bigger lumps and make it easier to get out of the jar. et voila.. chutneylicious, jar up and give to people.