not more chutney?

August 28, 2007

well as you ask yes!

that 3.25Kg of plums were de stoned and cooked in my 8L pan. I love this pan for mass cookery. Not something I often mention but I can and do have the ability to cater for many all at once, mainly in indian style. Thats one of the main benefits I gained from spending some time with the Hare Krishnas. I love them guys.

Well this time Scott was helping out and he nipped to the shop to get vinegar and bits and bobs. As I was doing other things Scott looked at the weight ratios for fruit to vinegar and placed them in the pot accordingly so we could get cooking. I wanted to make tamarind and plum which looks fab but I forgot because tamarind is a sour flavour like vinegar, we did not need as much. Hours of cooking later it tastes nice but more like sweet and sour sauce than chutney. We now have around 5L of slightly too sharp chutney that is a bit runny. Ho hum. I’m going to attempt a rescue mission this evening containing apples and loads more sugar. Tamarind is great though its like the essence of sour sweets that make the back of your mouth water.

I also noticed that the bed sheets that I bought on Friday, one was the wrong size so Monday morning I nipped in to a lovely quiet city to swap the sheets. Whilst I was there I went to see if I could find a corset that would fit so I could get used to wearing one prior to my wedding dress. Ann Summers to the rescue! for 50 of the earth English pounds I now have a simple black satin corset that can be dressed up or down as required! its a bit big if anything but hey its nice to have the laces done up without any gaps in the back. I can even do them up myself. Sorry I just cannot do gappy bits especially in my lower back. I swear it just makes me cold all through and gives me back ache. This is why you’ll never see me with flunge aka muffin tops *shudder* even in summer.

I took some photos of the chutney process, I’ve just not got them off the camera yet. Oh and I got a new pair of pants and Erasmus stole them ( kicked them off the sofa and tried to drag them away) so I made him wear them for the camera. Its hilarious, no really it is. I’ll show you another day.

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