about which I blather.

August 29, 2007

there are several small items to cover today.

1, knitting scouts! I’m not going to put the badges up for myself but for those out there who knit, they are funny and cool. I’ve been meaning to link them for a while and have just not got around to it. As you can see this blog is badge and button free. I try and keep things clean and tidy. Which reminds me, i’ve got loads of people to add as links in the friends and knitting blogs sections. I just don’t get round to it again!

I’ve given up playing kingdom of loathing. It was great fun for a while but at the point I had to repeat the same actions just to get anywhere every day I got bored. I gave Scotty all my collections of bits and bobs. I removed my Mr Accessory and therefore over time the account will be removed. I don’t regret playing and now at least I understand when others wibble on about it. I just don’t have time to play and do other things that are more important.

Now normally I put up small linking pictures to flickr but in this case you need a larger image.

Now how cute is that! he’s an absolute darling and always wanting a hug. This time he went to the router for a hug. We are seriously considering getting another indoor cat that can be his friend. He is way too lonely in the day. I wish we could both be home more but we cant. He seems happy enough but there are tell tale signs that he needs just a little extra company.

I took some photos of the chutney and chutney jars and plums and tamarind. Its easier just to give you short links on those. Last night I chopped all the apples given to us from mum and dads garden (old garden as they move TODAY!) cooked them up and added back all the plum and tamarind chutney. It was very vinegary, we cooked it down and added over a kilo extra sugar. Now its more like it should be, deep and fruity and sweet. We have 4 of the big square jars full and two smallerish jars full. I measured against the pan before putting in the jar and there was around 7 leters. So who wants chutney? I cant post it but you can come and collect.

damn I forgot about erasmus in pants. Maybe I’ll surprise you one day with it.


  1. I found You!!!! Oh my goodness! Is that a cute kitty or what?? Thats exactly how I curl around my router ‘cuz I loves it. It’s my mother board. I would marry it and call it George.( ok, I stole that from The Yarn Harlot-I confess) Anyhoo- glad I got to come over and have a look see, I’ll be back!! :oP

  2. YAY! nice to have visitors. you’re welcome back at any time. want any chutney? *drowns in it*

  3. Heck yeah- shoot that puppy over the ‘pond’ to me and you betcha I’ll eat it right up!!!

  4. It would cost me a fortune! trebuchet? I could do with a sachet maker, then I could post some.

  5. ok, I’ll just lick my monitor and pretend its toast with spread on it. Gee, I hope that doesn’t sound ,er..nasty,.. if you know what I mean….

  6. Hiya…. how bizarre and great that I searched for ‘i need a hug cat’ in google for an image i wanted and it shows little E and this post as a result!! woo-hoo

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