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tried on some more dresses

August 17, 2007

this lunch time and sent the pictures to mum and had a very good chat about them all. Most enjoyable and enlightening. Still even though I found a “nice” gown for £175 it was 100% polyester *shreeks* *shudders* I simply must have silk. I know that sounds a bit prissy but still, I can have silk because I can have it hand made for free, with love by someone I adore, appreciate and know will do a fantastic job. In fact I know nobody can do better.

Right I’ve got to go pack an over night bag. We’re off to spend the night at my brothers new house. I’ll tell you about his moving troubles another day. Somehow unless you buy new in the UK sellers are able to hide some of the worst things that could happen in a house and be able to get away with it because we cant prove they knew about it.


drifting in to the land of nod.

August 16, 2007

the night before last I went up to bed before scotty whilst he was doing some paper work. I lay there under our best fake fur blanket which we use in the summer to add just a little more than a sheet. We know that this fur throw is Erasmus’s favourite. I had the best cat massage ever. He “puddied”* me for a good 20 minutes all down one side and in to my armpit. A very odd feeling but one that brought me great joy. His face is quite something when he gets in to mooshing up the blanket.

*also known as kneading dough baking cakes and lots of other things I cant remember.

I need to take some more photos of Erasmus. I just cant explain how friendly and playful and almost human he is without showing you images.

In other news I went out with a work friend yesterday for lunch, we went to a shop of a friend of hers to go and see if she had any corsets in stock. I’m investigating to see what style is best for my wedding dress. Anyhew there were none in stock and they were not stocking any more. I’ve found a corset style I’ve fallen in love with but I have to go down to London to get that. My friend L then said lets go to another dress shop. She took me to Pure on St Benedict’s and I tried on my 1st wedding dress. Actually I tried on about 5 in a very hot lunch time. The assistant was extremely helpful and I did say to my friend I bet she’d never thought she’d see me in my undies… I was surprised I just got on with it without embarrassment. Nothing I tried was anything I liked. There were some good ideas but I do know I’m on the right track getting a corset. Its what I need and what will look best on me.

I did manage to get one photo of me in a normal sleeveless dress but I am a tad reticent about putting it up on the web. I’ve had people ridicule me before on the net and I’m not about to give them a years worth of ammo all in one photo. If you would like to see me in a not so suitable but very pretty dress you can ask and i’ll mail it on. I was amazed that the shop let me take even one photo of a sale dress. I’d love to list the things wrong with it but I’m sure it will bore you rigid. I eventually left the shop in quite a daze wondering what would suit me and where to start.

I think I’ve decided. Next stop LONDON 😉


things I missed

August 14, 2007

Some one took me up on the offer to swap arctic lace for a sock book. The lovely Beverly here in the UK did the swap. I’m very happy with the sock book she gave me: socks socks socks.

As I’ve not talked about it you may have guessed I did not make it to the works party. We went down the local, quaffed cider and fruit beers and staggered home. Saw friends and generally had a nice time.

I’ve been picking up a few links from around the webosphere:

singing science from Rogan who was an old friend from b3ta days. Entertaining, educational and just plain silly.
slacker cats from wendy knits If you ever want to know about knitting socks, this is your woman. I want to see this but I don’t think its coming to the UK any time soon.

I don’t get to the cinema often. I tend to go and see kids animation films but this summer I’ve not been tempted by any films. This will change when the golden compass comes out. I’ve read the books and enjoyed them, I’m sure they will do them justice. Just look at Iorek! I so want to hug him.


knitting FRENZY!

August 12, 2007

I had way too much choice. Plus not enough knowledge to run up my own patterns. I keep trying to stick things together only to get frustrated.

Now finally I think I have cracked it. I have not only managed to get past the first hump of getting the patterns together I’ve managed to design my own with a lot of help from online resources.

Olgajazzy has some beautiful stuff and this is now integrated in to the ever changing pattern of my new half hexagon shawl. Olga has given hers away free and it is stunning in itself. Plus no where near as complicated as it looks. No triple stitches and a regular repeat.

That was the progress from a slight adaptation of the half hexagon spider lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Now I have fully charted out a transfer in all 3 sections in to the pattern above from Olgajazzy. Thank You Olga!

I’ve changed at least two repeat changes from the VLT design to get this the way I want. I’d like to give this away free, but I’m still not sure how it would be accepted as my own work. What do you knitters out there think?



August 10, 2007

I’m feeling loads better. I slept for England last night and it seems to have fought off the worst of what was ailing me. I’m still not sure i’m going to make it to ANY parties at all this evening but it is just typical that we don’t go out for MONTHS and two come along on the same night.

One really really good thing, I tried on my ball gown this morning, just checking in case I want to shimmy on in to it later. It fits. yes. really. When I first wore it, it was tight. over 5 years ago. Over all its looser than it ever was. I was shocked. I went and weighed myself and even more of a shock I’m a full 1.5Lb’s lighter than I think I can ever remember. I’ve been big (well what I call big) since I left school and college. I’ve been a good 7Lb’s heavier than I am now. That’s the largest I’ve been. Plus there is no way on this earth I’m going to publish my exact weight. It does bug me sometimes. I like who I am and what I am, I just find it hard when people say (ie my mum) surely you will feel better thinner, you’d be healthier and it would be better for my health long term. Maybe you can tell by now its not something I discuss often with anyone.

Thing is the only time in my life I was thin I ate little or nothing in the day, I did LOADS of exercise and generally did not look after myself. Then I had anemia and was thrown on the pill by the doctor at 16. I think that is where it all started going wrong. That and a life long love of food. I eat sensibly, I could exercise more but don’t and over all I am usually quite happy. I’ve had people rip in to me through out my life about my “cuddliness” (specifically chosen as not as threatening as other words used) and there is no defence for it. It hurts, its nasty and why should I have to defend myself? why should I have to listen to anyone saying I NEED to do something about it because they think I’m not suitable for their oh so sensitive perfections of being. Of course we know these sorts people are not perfect and have no right to judge but hey if they want a pedestal to stand on to shout at others from I’ll gladly knock them down when they wobble. I’ve been judged before on many counts and honestly I’ve come back stronger and quicker and more astute for it.

I’ll suffer the heart disease, the cancer threat, the risk of diabetes and any other health risks. You don’t have to look at me, the jibes can stop now and I can promise I’ll be who I want to be no matter what other people have said about me in the past. Life is here to be enjoyed and damn it I’m going to. I’m not worried about being famous or remembered or something special. I’m a helper a facilitator and a cog in the wheel of other peoples lives trying to make theirs easier and more enjoyable. I don’t want much, never have, just seeing people I care about happy is good for me.

It would be nice in my last few moments to go “cor! that was good”. Not much to ask, and so far it is. Simple really. Nobody can take that.


I have lumpy throat

August 9, 2007

My brother called, he’s exchanged contracts on his house. He moves Monday.

we have two things to go out for on Friday night. meet up with friends and works summer ball. Its black tie but we said we’d go late and turn up smart but as we’re not sitting down for dinner we’re not going to hire suits and whot not.

anyway I’m not at my best so toodlepip for now and see you another day.


good news.

August 6, 2007

What? me with a bible? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no Not that sort of “good news”

Scotty got offered the new job, he’s going to take it and hand in his notice today. That should be fun. Last night on the way home I stopped in the local shop to get Scotty a congratulations present. I saw no champagne so I bought tangfastics (his favourite) and strawberry milk. Ah well eh, we’ll make a proper celebration of it at the weekend.

In other stuffs I’ve found on the web, this was listed on flickr:

DIY Tinkertoy yarn swift

DIY tinkertoy yarn swift

Originally uploaded by revolutionarygirl


oh yes. I thought of making one in Lego but I can’t get my head round it. Maybe a trip to the toy store this weekend will be in order.


just trying to keep my diary up to date

August 6, 2007

summer has been slow coming this year. looks like everyone has put it all on hold until the last two weeks in August onwards. Mum and Dad will be moving some point then and hopefully my brother’s house move is only a week away.

We babysat the twins on Saturday night and it was lovely. They slept well and made no noise. I just sat knitting in front of the TV. My new shawl (pictures once I get confidence its not all going to be ripped out) from VLT is up past 100 rows and 200 ish stitches.

Last night I realised at the last pattern transition I got the change over very very wrong in several places. I’ve ripped back 4 rows and placed in a save line. That was a painful couple of hours placing every single stitch back on to the needle after ripping back. I’m going to be loads more careful and place in a few safety stages all the way through this item.

The issue was yesterday and a bit of Saturday were the hottest days this year. Everyone has been waiting for the great weather here in the UK. We’d not had a summer as such at all so far. I just flaked I got hot and irritable and to deal with it I stuck my head in my knitting and just hid. Poor Scotty had that to deal with thinking that there was something wrong and I had got upset with him. I explained its not him, its the heat. Feeling flabby, sweaty and generally out of puff when climbing our two storeys of stairs is not my idea of fun or enjoyment. Hanging out the washing with no breeze and burning sun was the sum total of my exposure to the light this weekend. I’m not THAT unfit, I just cant cope with high humidity heat. Plus then because our house backs on to lots of peoples back gardens its often a great peaceful place to be. No not this weekend because neighbours, whom ever they were managed to have a disco and karaoke in their back garden with mic and DJ. Normally I’d ask them to keep it down a bit but as it was a 5th birthday (which was sung at least 3 times between 11am and 8pm) I did not have the heart to ruin their fun. I’m very very glad both Scotty and I did not have a headache which often happens to both of us in extreme heat.

Old grumpy guts here has some work to cheer up Scotty after all that. I really was just a hot annoyed bunny.


a moo by any other name, would it sound as sweet?

August 3, 2007

I love the word moo. I can say it all day, I use it as a pet greeting for friends. If I need to get hold of my very close colleague in Cambridge I moo for him (via messages). I do the same to Scotty but he gets a more personal moo. I’m not sure if its cute or endearing, but its just me. I like being a tad odd, slightly kooky and moo seems to encapsulate that for me.

Which leads me to think, do all cows speak the same? I know I heard that cows have regional dialects. Do they speak different languages? I know f’rinstance different peoples call their animals by different names. Also it goes without saying that they also omnimatopise (god why did I even attempt that word) slightly differently as in this example from The University of Adelaide Those ausies are at the fore front of some cracking research there. Which also reminded me I was informed as a child that the french say “mooglerboogler” for cow moos. Maybe I was innocent and missinformed and glad to believe something so bizare and odd that its stuck with me. Although the Adelaide list is by no means exhaustive I see no mooglerbooglers there.

Hearing voices (no not mental ones) and dialects is something that always entertains me. Working for a multi national firm means I get a fair exposure to many many accents of English. As its my first and main language I enjoy hearing and disecting other peoples takes on a language that continues to evolve and change. I’m still learning and still find words I don’t know and enjoy finding clarification on pronunciation. Although its not the bee all and end all to know the right way I often pride myself in being able to speak the queens english and enjoying people say, where are you from? because they don’t know where my accent comes from. Although there is the exception to this. Recently I’ve found that Norfolk, where I’ve lived since I was 6 years old has taken hold in my voice. Its a strange dialect with almost a west country twang but more… mmmm yokel is not the word…. rounded cuddlyness. I adore listening to locals as I wend my way to work of a morning. I’ve even taken to the odd phrase like “my lover” which when thought back on is a tad cringe worthy. One of my favourite examples of using the local dialect is by someone I have as a friend in Flickr, Tim Caynes who blogs and has a canny way of writing in a norfolk accent. Some of his photos are subtitled by great snippets of norfolkisms.


I have too many lace books and not enough sockage.

August 2, 2007

I seriously needs some books on sock knitting. I’ve not got much spare cash for the moment mainly because of the wonderful continuous upping of our lovely mortgage. I can do frugal, I can cover my back and make sure we still have enough for our wedding. (which reminds me I need to pay the deposit on the booking) which also reminds me, we have a date set. I’m trying to make sure what savings I do have go towards that and keeping us in the black.

Scotty had a 2nd job interview yesterday which went well. Hopefully he will get the job and that will help no end because its more money. *sings money makes the world go around* in my head folks, I would never torture you with my very pitchy singing voice.

so anyways on to the task in hand, I have 3 books for swapsies.

All 3 are still in mint condition, they are very very lovely books but I for one do not NEED them. I have other lace books and I’ve painstakingly copied out anything I need without damaging the books. They have been read and stored safely in a box under my bed. No stains, no dents and no folding down pages *shudders* I can do it in note books but not in real books.

I’ve done no research in to sock books. I would love to have a book or two on heels and toes, kitchener stitches, short rows, heel flaps, toe up, cuff down. Anything really. The stuff I’ve tried before I’ve ended up making a little mess of and if I do make the effort to stick to a propper pattern I may stand a chance of knitting some propper socks. So is anyone interested? I’ll pimp out the blog on flickr and other places I frequent so please leave a message with suggestions if you have any. All constructive comments welcomed.

ps. I’ll try and find some nice bits and bobs to add to the package. Be ready for some surprises.