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I’ll get on to videos another time

September 29, 2007

now, Friday was up and down. Until around 8pm after making tempura veg ( broccoli leaves will never be the same again) *YUM* to eat with chutney for dinner. I made a light batter with rice and corn flours and then kept dribbling more batter on the broccoli and courgette whilst they cooked so the batter became crispy and bubbly.
Then I realized it was our 5th anniversary, since we met/got together sort of thing. So we did what most couples do when at home on an anniversary and had an early night. Nuf said. *grins* Ok I promise no more.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that mum called on Thursday night with test results from the doctors, saying for now her cancer is in good recession. Therefore at the moment she is as healthy as she can be and can expect to have some time to enjoy not completely without cancer but with it not growing and therefore not a risk on her health. Expected time frames (accepting all disclaimers for all other possible incidents) include wellness until some time after our wedding, all fingers crossed and all that. Also when we saw her last I saw her hair growing back. I thought it was beautiful, thick, soft mottled shades of grey. Although under 5mm long, it will come back beautifully and it was so silky to touch.

Today I have been making good progress on some socks. I started these last weekend after I cracked a toe method that I want to use. They are near to the point of starting a gusset. I did start one but I’ve done my first rip back of 4 rows. Its all very basic so that I can get used to a form of sock I’m happy with constructing. I do hope to elucidate on all this but for now I’m finding giving out little detail is helping with the need to do more to it. Blogging too much detail sometimes kills the fun.

next time, hopefully videos and yarn swifts.


I was just contemplating fame

September 27, 2007

and infamy and what makes someone famous. As before I’ve said I’m glad I’m not famous or noted, although I still love to be respected. Its a fine line to tread. Then I also realised I may not be famous but I have had a few sparkles of people pass through my life who are the essence of what can be classed as people who change others lives by just existing.

I was sloshing around ilike which is a face book application, looking at musics that I love. I have such broad tastes, after going through the soul section I remembered Rufus Thomas. This is one such man that gave me a spectacular moment in my life that I never want to forget and its worth telling to others. So here’s my “claim to fame” and magic moment, and maybe something to tell at my funeral.

I do so solemnly swear that I did the funky chicken live on stage with Rufus Thomas. I’m not kidding. He was doing a UK tour in 98 or so. It was one of the few times I thought it worth going out to see a bit of culture. Rufus appeared at the UEA at the tender young age of 83 at the time. He wooed the crowd like it was the whole of Wembly stadium, there were seats but EVERYONE got up to dance. The guy was wearing a bright pink suit cut off as shorts, a stunning grey beard neatly bushy and gold boxing boots. He mixed up the soul music with short tales of Marvin Gaye and Elvis and many many more stars I could never hope to see. (not helping the fact that many died before I was even born) So the evening was progressing and the crowd was stirred up into a chanting dancing party to bring up any souls spirits. Definitely why its called soul music, because it speaks to any soul and gets you moving. He did walking the dog and other classics and then asked some young ladies to get up on stage. I was the last one selected and thought, I’ll be safe at the end in the corner just doing like the others. The song started and Rufus used each girl in turn as an example, he said to each in turn “do the funky chicken!” then “you can’t do it!” and moved on to repeating instructions (whilst singing) and moving on to the next girl… Finally he got to me and said “YOU CAN DO IT!” I went red and nearly fainted on stage. Or at least I thought I would. the song ended and all us ladies left the stage.

After the concert and of course around 3 encores, this man was amazing.. we waited back stage to get something signed for my beau at the time. Some young ladies left his dressing room and we were let in to chat. we asked questions about his style and teaching Elvis how to work a crowd. The one thing we did notice was his flies were low. Yeah he could have gone to the bathroom between people visiting his room, or it could have been the ladies before us… Not something I’d normally suggest but hey, he was a man of amazing talents and he may just have “enjoyed the company”. I was given a towel which I still own to this day (it was washed again before it was used), although its nothing special its there in the cupboard for use at any time and is always good for a few memories. Quite an evening and an event in my life I will never forget.



September 26, 2007

ok the plan was to get some nice video done, chop it up and post it out there. But on my search to find other materials that have done similar I came across better people than I that have done what I was going to do. IF I get around to improving on my work so far, I need an angle, a way to be different from what is out there already or the idea will not take off and I’m just adding more bumf to the Internet with no decent purpose. Then I started pulling apart the work I did so far and

1, its fuzzy, the yarn and needles are too small to show technique

2, no sound because I’ve not scripted or done anything to make it clear.

3, I need a dark background and a hat with a web cam and torch in it.

4, I keep my thumb in front of the stitches on the left needle WAY too much.

5, a decent microphone because nearly all the stuff out there already has TERRIBLE sound. It is understandable JUST but trying to listen to an American accent that’s drowned by bad encoding makes watching knitting videos almost impossible to concentrate on and therefore less watchable.

Overall I’m glad I tried the experiment. Best of all would be a monthly or weekly video knitting pod cast but so far I’ve found someone else who already does that, way better than I ever could. I don’t want my face or voice on camera, just my hands because I’ve come to the conclusion before I don’t want to be famous, I just want to help people. This is going to take a lot more thinking about before I do anything else with it. More prep, more ideas, more time. What I do want to do now is link all the stuff from here that would be useful to others. Hopefully that will be my next post.


I’m editing videos

September 23, 2007

and uploading to google video. this is because its super easy to download for ipod format. They have no sound but they are useful. At some point I’ll do a post for each.


oh yeah, they’re knitting instructions.


I was planning

September 23, 2007

a big post on knitting but its still all in draft with very basic content. I want to make videos of stitches and how I’ve just cracked the no hole toe for knitting two socks toe up at the same time. I have tried other versions but in most cases I failed in following the instructions. Anyway because all that will be explained in that post one day, I’ll move on to  something else now.

We went to the vets and Erasmus has V.Well now written on his health card notes. He had his jabs and checkup and they also weighed him. He’s 5.1Kg where does he hide it all? who’d know that fluff was THAT heavy.

Went to Mum and Dads yesterday and the clan had all rolled in to town. We all helped getting some holes dug in the garden and planted some plants. Scotty was man of the hour when he managed to get this huge bay tree out of a  large terracotta pot. It was wedged tight.  Then a nice walk in to Sheringham with my niece and nephew Bethan and Ewan. Then on to my brothers house for fish pie YUM and playing with the twins in the woods. All in all a wonderful day.

Today is knitting, you’ll find me welded to the sofa eaten by a blanket and squished by the cat. SNUGGLE time, oh yes.*

*with occasional bursts of escaping to do housework, but not too much.



September 20, 2007

tesco online shopping done. delivery tomorrow night.

Erasmus booked in at the vet. Saturday morning for checkup and jabs.

Called Dragon hall and confirmed our wedding date. Now I have to go back and decide on which rooms and for how long so they can do an invoice. I need to chat with Scott and Mum on this.

now whats for dinner?


serious.. no really its serious time

September 19, 2007

if you’re not going AAARRRHH! today you need a good dry slap. It is international talk like a pirate day. I forgot first thing so I apologise for not being dressed appropriately in my busty wench top and corset.

Now I have a slight inkling that Scotty is starting to take this new job seriously, not that he does not anyway. He loves his work and having been there two weeks he appears to be getting on very well. Until it rained yesterday morning, and he’d not fitted his mudguards to his bike. So he spent most of the day with a wet arse. I know we’ll be fitting those mud guards this weekend.

The serious bit comes when he walks in with a full drivers licence form and a full set of photos from the booth at the post office. Colour me shocked and with a cake hole bigger than cheddar gorge. This man I have been trying to tempt with learning to drive for 5 years has gone and started the process all by himself. Admittedly he’s not had reason to before and I can understand him not wanting to drive, and this is why my pushing has been the most minimal possible for a bossy mc boots like me. I did get all the forms filled in for him before and all he had to do was get photos and sign, we lost them moving house. Plus they would have been out of date. Anyway now he’s taking it seriously and I fully support him. It is one thing I think he needs in his skills set that he does not have. In fact it will make him nigh on perfect, well you know, as perfect as a MAN can get. (sorry felt like digging a little there) Yeah I’m scared of getting in a car with him now, but after a few lessons I’ll be happier to let him have the keys and chauffeur me around for once. I for one cannot wait to not be designated driver! Also I can then prove that parking in our garage with the builders bricks and JCB millimetres from our drive is a technically hard task. They still have one house to complete on our lot, and although I don’t mind the JCB starting at 7.30am on week days directly below my bedroom window. Now having 5×5 stacked pallets of breeze blocks outside the front of the house is making parking quite entertaining.


nano nano nano nano nano *parka-batman*

September 18, 2007

ok so I thought after doing sooooo much overtime and stuff I deserved a treat. although it ended up as 2 or 3 treats, but you know. I deserve a break from it all sometimes.

1, posh yarn arrived. it is beautiful. I’ve left it at home and brought the camera to work so sorry, no yarn porn today. Alhtough I do need to double check and update ravelry, my stash is out of date and needs to be corrected. Then I need my hands tied behind my back so I cant buy any more yarn.

2, I bought a new ipod nano. I canot extol its vertues enough. I love it, its my new best friend and so wonderful. I will knit a cozy for it at some point but right now I have to tuck it in my bra to make sure I don’t let it hang loose when listening to pod casts etc. I’m amazed at the quality on screen and the small file sizes for the video. I can fit on the entire series of heroes and a couple of films and still have room for a few mini vids of erasmus playing and a few tunes and a few podcasts. 8Gig is just LOVELY.

3, Did I mention I’d finished the Bayerishce mitts? I’ve woven in the ends. I can see where I’ve made mistakes and they are not quite the same but still overall they are a great work and I’ve proven I can stick with cables even when they make my knuckles turn in directions I never thought possible. I’m not sure I ever want to do 2mm cabling again that was a bit mental.

  Please click the image to see the other two pics.


relaxation its great.

September 16, 2007

I’ve slept sooooo much but I did need it. Lets start back where we left off. *rewinds*

So Thursday another long day. I had a nap in the afternoon knowing that it was all catching up and it was going to be another late night. The weather was getting hotter and the team were relaxing more because it was nearing the end of the event. I still managed 9 hours work and then went out to party. Disney opened up a small part of discovery land. We went and got food then went on buzz light year twice. I was hanging out with quite a few of the events team and the networking guys. As we did not get in to the park until nearly 9pm by 11 we were being ushered towards the exit. Next on to clubbing. Now I don’t normally go clubbing but I was informed I would have to. (show face and take part and all that) In fact it was very enjoyable. the music was super cheesy and made sure everyone from 18 to 60 would enjoy. I danced with my team until 2 am at which point I escorted a colleague back to the hotel. It took me a little while to get to sleep but I do remember looking at the clock at 2.45 and thinking damn I need to sleep now or I’m stuffed.

Up at 7am, I got down to work at 7.45 and surveyed the wreckage that was most people. Everyone attending the courses and meetings were also out the night before and because it was the last day an amazing more relaxed feel washed over the place. I checked out when I had chance and had everything ready to go. It was a long wait until I could leave at 3pm and after a last lunch at the hotel I wobbled myself through the afternoon hardly making any sense due to lack of sleep. Except I could not nap, I had no facility. Finally I said my goodbyes and parted at 3pm, the bus took a while to go to every terminal but it was lovely to see some of France. I went straight in to the airport and checked in and went to duty free. One small espresso coffee later I could cope until I left the ground. I purchased wine and chocolate for the family and wondered why I could not get a new ipod nano. They were not stocking them. Gutted.

the rest went pretty smoothly, apart from one of my bottles of wine cracking on the plane. It was in a sealed bag but still I could smell booze. the crack was hairline but it meant first thing on getting in the house was decanting it in to a plastic bottle. Got back home and Scotty came out to help me in with my suitcase. I was a mess all evening almost speaking in tongues with tiredness. I was in bed by 8.30 uk time, slept right through until 8.30 on saturday then spent all morning on the sofa drifting in and out of consciousness.

Finally I did managed to get some food shopping done Saturday afternoon and finally complete my mitts all bar the weaving in of ends. It looks like the stunning weather has followed me home so hopefully today we’ll head out in to town to get some essentials… like that nano.

This year I loved the trip so much more than last year, although I’m sure I will not be doing it next year. I hope to still be on honeymoon instead. I made some great friends and had a very educational time learning about how other people live and their international lives of mystery. One thing is straight though. I sure am glad to be home. Oh yea, one last thing: photos here! note how I gave up using the camera after clubbing and I’m so crap with names I’ve not labeled them all yet…


these guys know how to party

September 13, 2007

for acountants and advisors these people know how to throw an event. It was classy and cool and mighty impressive. Yesterday’s work was less than before because many people had to go to a large seminar in the other building. I took the time to try and get some of my personal development done.

Last night they threw a very classy party and I joined in. The champagne was real, and a good quality. Not that I would notice but others did. I’ve put up some more photos, so follow the link two posts back. I stayed up latter than I usually do and over all I know exactly when I’ve pushed it a bit too hard. There was a great DJ last night so I had a little boogie with the security team, who are a great laugh and have been lovely to be around. Today I have been helping out a bit more and had to take a nap to catch up with things. Tonight is a big party night so I hope to get more photos and have a go on a few more rides. Knitting is non existent. I don’t have any spare time and I’ve somehow got a blister that I picked off on the middle of my thumb making it impossible anyway. Overall I’m happy I’m here and made an effort to come. The hard work is worth it for all the fun I’m having and the friends I have made.