I need cheering

September 4, 2007

depressed does not quite cover it. I’m more melancholy and pmt-ish as well as seriously hating myself. I bet some didn’t think I suffered from depression but I think I may, just a touch. I hide it sometimes but other times it drags me in to a pit of despair about one or other section of my life. THANK goodness I have some things in my life that are always worth cheering up for. For example:

so I’m not going to bore you with depressive thoughts.



  1. “melancholy is the maladie of noble minds”, don’t ever panic about that, it’s rather inspiring & poetic. depression is a psychic pathology, and the fact that you admit it means that you’re free from it. enjoy your melancholy & your lovely cats. i wish i were at your place! we can talk more on my smn, feel free to express yourself [don’t repress yourself]. cu!

  2. Hey There,
    Being depressed is just a phase which comes and goes on its own. Hope you get cheery soon..

    P.S. Do check out my blog.. lol..

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