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drastic measures

September 5, 2007

well not really but I thought I’d get you going. I’ve set up my ipod on my works machine so I can use the PC and ipod together next week whilst I’m working away. To this end I have downloaded quite a few pod casts. Not something I got in to right away but now I have a couple of knitting ones I wondered what else is out there. Anyone with any good suggestions?

Scotty is getting on fine in his new job. I’m very much liking him getting up and leaving me in bed for 30 minutes whilst he shaves, gets tea and puts on a shirt. There is nothing quite like being awakened by a tall handsome man freshly washed and looking dapper giving me a cup of tea and giving me a kiss to wake me. 🙂 Damn I love that man.

not much else on at the moment. Its all go at work with the new student intake. They all look so young and fresh faced. Its enough to make me feel like an old crone!