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getting down with it

September 6, 2007

right I’m starting to get organized with items I need to have to take with me to Paris. PLEASE don’t let me forget my works laptop, my ipod and docking bits, my safeword token so I can do my personal development gubbins (eurgh). Swimming costume and knitting. I want to start on something new so it will be socks if I can get the needles on the plane.

I just looked up my employee discounts scheme and after the apple announcement last night with the new things they are launching I can get up to 17% discount. I am deeply tempted to buy a new nano. Overall right now I’m just trying to pull everything together pre next week. Making sure everything I do is covered by others. I even have all the paperwork printed out ready to take.

Oh and the camera, I simply must take our decent camera this time. Cant you tell I’m wound up enough I cant think of anything else! *sigh* one day I’ll learn not to panic and get uptight a few days in advance of a trip away.