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I’ve packed

September 9, 2007

and I have less than an hour left before I go. That bubbly tummy stressed feeling is washing over me wondering if I have everything I need and dreading the travel. I’ll be fine when I get there but today more than most other journeys I’ve taken, I have a not so good feeling about it. No idea why…. it may be partly due to being given little or no instruction on my job role when I get there but I suspect it will be very similar to last year.

Really I’m fed up with the waiting and the feeling of did I get everything done? am I ready? I want to think of other things. I want to see beyond this week but for now it is all I can cope with.

remind me when I get back to get my car serviced, take erasmus to the vet and to cheer up! I should be happy of the challenge.

Oh we made it out to my parents new house yesterday, its great. A lovely location and a relaxing place although it needs lots of work I think they are looking forward to it. My brother is House Hell. The plumbers fitted an illegal oil tank. He’s got to get the lawyers involved and ofstead. I really do feel for him and wish I could be of more help. Its my sisters and nieces birthday this weekend too but they are away. I’ll see them all next weekend. I delivered presents to my parents for them, and chutney for all. I have no more chutney to give away now.