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a little knowledge

September 10, 2007

is a wonderful if slightly dangerous thing. All my worries about traveling are over. My knowledge of what I’m here for is now in full understanding and I feel comfortable with my situation.

I’m in Disneyland Paris and covering IT support for a major conference and training courses for a large firm of accounting advisors. Everything is going fine and I cannot complain about a thing. I have everything I need to do my job and lots of bonuses on the side. The food is very good and although I am working alone, as in I’m the only one doing my job on my site, my colleagues in the support teams are extremely friendly and helpful. They may need me at some point but they make me feel welcome and part of that team. I do have one colleague here which I will see this evening. I’ve worked with him before but as yet not met him. He is based at the other hotel the other end of the lake. So far messages have been sent but neither of us have taken to walking to see eachother.

Tonight we are going in to a section of the park, the disney studios section. I will take my camera and report back later. Over all I can see the light at the end and I can see the enjoyment inbetween which is what I needed to see yesterday whilst in angst. One thing is definate though. I already miss home, I don’t believe I’m that attached but not having the two most important people no… souls (scotty and erasmus) with me does break my heart. I want to share the fun and not have it all to myself.