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September 11, 2007

Last night was an absolute blast. There were canapes (add the thingy to the e yourself I’m too tired to figure it out) and wine and I met my colleague. I went on two rides over at the Walt Disney studios. If you do end up at Disney Paris and need to know which are the best roller coasters aerosmith ride and finding nemo ride are the two best out there. I went on nemo twice then ran to the other and went on that 3 times then came back and went on nemo twice again. Very very enjoyable and entertaining.

To make sure I got enough rest I was back at the hotel by 11.15 hoping to get a good nights kip. This time it was not to be, I’ve had really weird and down right scary dreams before but it has been a long long time since the last time. I think a mix of the rich food and running around and adrenaline from the rides left me all of a twitter and unable to rest. When I did manage to get to sleep I had the most horrendous nightmares where I was stuck on a bus going round Norwich city centre, all of it all back to front and we could not get off the bus. This is me and a bunch of people I needed to help. I had to watch each of them fail their tasks and die in quite horrible ways even with my help, crushed by trees, limbs lost and general maiming. Yeah that vivid. Then the bus crashed and I was mangled. I remember trying to shout and scream and I woke myself up making a shout that eventually fought out from my dream in to reality. I was shouting in my sleep, this I have found I can do consciously, keep trying to scream until I make a sound which jolts me out of sleep and into consciousness. Its like fighting a gag.

I was hot then cold then hot then cold. Eventually I managed to get back to sleep and it all started over again. Finally I got to my goal of getting home to Scotty and found him there saying he’s glad I never caught him with another woman. He was naked in bed and the other woman walked out of the bathroom naked too and they started getting it on in front of me. Thing is, this particular woman is a great friend of mine and Scott has never ever found her “attractive” although he thinks she’s a nice friend. Same goes for her of him. I think it hurt more because I know he does not want to be like that with her, it felt like a sword in my chest that he did not want me any more. I woke up bolt upright in a bout of sweat. This was around 4.30am and due to being alone in my hotel room I decided it was wise to watch 10 minutes telly and try and dislodge my mind from its destructive cycle. I did get back to sleep but it has wrecked me for today, so I am working and well but tonight I will not be going out to party, I will be spending the time in my room knitting if possible, using that to relax and put me in a meditative state before sleeping. I know it will help.

I have had dreams like this before but not for a lot of years. It kinda freaks me out a little that my mind can put the most vivid sickening and painful images and feelings in my head, my words cant do them justice. The one thing I needed and wanted at 4am was my Scotty and it nearly had me in tears that he was in another country and I couldn’t call or see him.

All is better now anyway and work is still good. I will make sure I rest properly this evening and not go running around throwing myself at theme park rides.

Here have last nights photos: