sun shiney day

September 12, 2007

This morning is busy but the weather is fine. Last night I bailed out of any activities and went and sat on the mound near the lake and knitted. I saw the family who traveled with me to Disney and they were having a great time. As it got too dark I moved to a bench under a lamp, then as it got too cold I moved to my room. The relaxing peace just made my day and I slept well. It made me realise that the beds are quite comfortable and the pillows here are good too, for a hotel. oh and yes, I’m super picky when it comes to pillows. I cant stand feather.

This afternoon I’m still hoping for some time alone so I can get my personal development work done. You know the sort of stuff where you write about yourself and say how wonderfully you do your job.

The bayerische mitts are about || that far from being completed. I have around 10 rows of thumb to complete then weave in the ends. I want to show the world but where I am now is not really suitable to show off my knitting talents. Instead I think if I do get chance I’ll crack on with a pair of socks. If only I could decide on a pattern.

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