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relaxation its great.

September 16, 2007

I’ve slept sooooo much but I did need it. Lets start back where we left off. *rewinds*

So Thursday another long day. I had a nap in the afternoon knowing that it was all catching up and it was going to be another late night. The weather was getting hotter and the team were relaxing more because it was nearing the end of the event. I still managed 9 hours work and then went out to party. Disney opened up a small part of discovery land. We went and got food then went on buzz light year twice. I was hanging out with quite a few of the events team and the networking guys. As we did not get in to the park until nearly 9pm by 11 we were being ushered towards the exit. Next on to clubbing. Now I don’t normally go clubbing but I was informed I would have to. (show face and take part and all that) In fact it was very enjoyable. the music was super cheesy and made sure everyone from 18 to 60 would enjoy. I danced with my team until 2 am at which point I escorted a colleague back to the hotel. It took me a little while to get to sleep but I do remember looking at the clock at 2.45 and thinking damn I need to sleep now or I’m stuffed.

Up at 7am, I got down to work at 7.45 and surveyed the wreckage that was most people. Everyone attending the courses and meetings were also out the night before and because it was the last day an amazing more relaxed feel washed over the place. I checked out when I had chance and had everything ready to go. It was a long wait until I could leave at 3pm and after a last lunch at the hotel I wobbled myself through the afternoon hardly making any sense due to lack of sleep. Except I could not nap, I had no facility. Finally I said my goodbyes and parted at 3pm, the bus took a while to go to every terminal but it was lovely to see some of France. I went straight in to the airport and checked in and went to duty free. One small espresso coffee later I could cope until I left the ground. I purchased wine and chocolate for the family and wondered why I could not get a new ipod nano. They were not stocking them. Gutted.

the rest went pretty smoothly, apart from one of my bottles of wine cracking on the plane. It was in a sealed bag but still I could smell booze. the crack was hairline but it meant first thing on getting in the house was decanting it in to a plastic bottle. Got back home and Scotty came out to help me in with my suitcase. I was a mess all evening almost speaking in tongues with tiredness. I was in bed by 8.30 uk time, slept right through until 8.30 on saturday then spent all morning on the sofa drifting in and out of consciousness.

Finally I did managed to get some food shopping done Saturday afternoon and finally complete my mitts all bar the weaving in of ends. It looks like the stunning weather has followed me home so hopefully today we’ll head out in to town to get some essentials… like that nano.

This year I loved the trip so much more than last year, although I’m sure I will not be doing it next year. I hope to still be on honeymoon instead. I made some great friends and had a very educational time learning about how other people live and their international lives of mystery. One thing is straight though. I sure am glad to be home. Oh yea, one last thing: photos here! note how I gave up using the camera after clubbing and I’m so crap with names I’ve not labeled them all yet…