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serious.. no really its serious time

September 19, 2007

if you’re not going AAARRRHH! today you need a good dry slap. It is international talk like a pirate day. I forgot first thing so I apologise for not being dressed appropriately in my busty wench top and corset.

Now I have a slight inkling that Scotty is starting to take this new job seriously, not that he does not anyway. He loves his work and having been there two weeks he appears to be getting on very well. Until it rained yesterday morning, and he’d not fitted his mudguards to his bike. So he spent most of the day with a wet arse. I know we’ll be fitting those mud guards this weekend.

The serious bit comes when he walks in with a full drivers licence form and a full set of photos from the booth at the post office. Colour me shocked and with a cake hole bigger than cheddar gorge. This man I have been trying to tempt with learning to drive for 5 years has gone and started the process all by himself. Admittedly he’s not had reason to before and I can understand him not wanting to drive, and this is why my pushing has been the most minimal possible for a bossy mc boots like me. I did get all the forms filled in for him before and all he had to do was get photos and sign, we lost them moving house. Plus they would have been out of date. Anyway now he’s taking it seriously and I fully support him. It is one thing I think he needs in his skills set that he does not have. In fact it will make him nigh on perfect, well you know, as perfect as a MAN can get. (sorry felt like digging a little there) Yeah I’m scared of getting in a car with him now, but after a few lessons I’ll be happier to let him have the keys and chauffeur me around for once. I for one cannot wait to not be designated driver! Also I can then prove that parking in our garage with the builders bricks and JCB millimetres from our drive is a technically hard task. They still have one house to complete on our lot, and although I don’t mind the JCB starting at 7.30am on week days directly below my bedroom window. Now having 5×5 stacked pallets of breeze blocks outside the front of the house is making parking quite entertaining.