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I’m editing videos

September 23, 2007

and uploading to google video. this is because its super easy to download for ipod format. They have no sound but they are useful. At some point I’ll do a post for each.


oh yeah, they’re knitting instructions.


I was planning

September 23, 2007

a big post on knitting but its still all in draft with very basic content. I want to make videos of stitches and how I’ve just cracked the no hole toe for knitting two socks toe up at the same time. I have tried other versions but in most cases I failed in following the instructions. Anyway because all that will be explained in that post one day, I’ll move on to  something else now.

We went to the vets and Erasmus has V.Well now written on his health card notes. He had his jabs and checkup and they also weighed him. He’s 5.1Kg where does he hide it all? who’d know that fluff was THAT heavy.

Went to Mum and Dads yesterday and the clan had all rolled in to town. We all helped getting some holes dug in the garden and planted some plants. Scotty was man of the hour when he managed to get this huge bay tree out of a  large terracotta pot. It was wedged tight.  Then a nice walk in to Sheringham with my niece and nephew Bethan and Ewan. Then on to my brothers house for fish pie YUM and playing with the twins in the woods. All in all a wonderful day.

Today is knitting, you’ll find me welded to the sofa eaten by a blanket and squished by the cat. SNUGGLE time, oh yes.*

*with occasional bursts of escaping to do housework, but not too much.