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I was just contemplating fame

September 27, 2007

and infamy and what makes someone famous. As before I’ve said I’m glad I’m not famous or noted, although I still love to be respected. Its a fine line to tread. Then I also realised I may not be famous but I have had a few sparkles of people pass through my life who are the essence of what can be classed as people who change others lives by just existing.

I was sloshing around ilike which is a face book application, looking at musics that I love. I have such broad tastes, after going through the soul section I remembered Rufus Thomas. This is one such man that gave me a spectacular moment in my life that I never want to forget and its worth telling to others. So here’s my “claim to fame” and magic moment, and maybe something to tell at my funeral.

I do so solemnly swear that I did the funky chicken live on stage with Rufus Thomas. I’m not kidding. He was doing a UK tour in 98 or so. It was one of the few times I thought it worth going out to see a bit of culture. Rufus appeared at the UEA at the tender young age of 83 at the time. He wooed the crowd like it was the whole of Wembly stadium, there were seats but EVERYONE got up to dance. The guy was wearing a bright pink suit cut off as shorts, a stunning grey beard neatly bushy and gold boxing boots. He mixed up the soul music with short tales of Marvin Gaye and Elvis and many many more stars I could never hope to see. (not helping the fact that many died before I was even born) So the evening was progressing and the crowd was stirred up into a chanting dancing party to bring up any souls spirits. Definitely why its called soul music, because it speaks to any soul and gets you moving. He did walking the dog and other classics and then asked some young ladies to get up on stage. I was the last one selected and thought, I’ll be safe at the end in the corner just doing like the others. The song started and Rufus used each girl in turn as an example, he said to each in turn “do the funky chicken!” then “you can’t do it!” and moved on to repeating instructions (whilst singing) and moving on to the next girl… Finally he got to me and said “YOU CAN DO IT!” I went red and nearly fainted on stage. Or at least I thought I would. the song ended and all us ladies left the stage.

After the concert and of course around 3 encores, this man was amazing.. we waited back stage to get something signed for my beau at the time. Some young ladies left his dressing room and we were let in to chat. we asked questions about his style and teaching Elvis how to work a crowd. The one thing we did notice was his flies were low. Yeah he could have gone to the bathroom between people visiting his room, or it could have been the ladies before us… Not something I’d normally suggest but hey, he was a man of amazing talents and he may just have “enjoyed the company”. I was given a towel which I still own to this day (it was washed again before it was used), although its nothing special its there in the cupboard for use at any time and is always good for a few memories. Quite an evening and an event in my life I will never forget.